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Even good surfers rarely claim that they dominate all the techniques in surfing. Kelly Slater himself, the 10 times world champion, thanked his biggest rival Andy Irons (R.I.P.) after his 6th world title in an interview, and said: “Only because of the hard competition with Andy I got to be as good as I am now.”

We’re offering advanced surf courses for surfers who already rode green waves. Of course you don’t have to be able to ride your board like Kelly. It’s enough if you can surf a green wave.


For those of you, who want to make their surf look more radical, Rick explains you how to do a frontside cutback – an important maneuver in surfing.
“Hello I’m Rick. I’m the head coach of the OTRO MODO Surf School, Surfing GB surf coach and SLSA beach lifeguard. I’ll explain you how to do the frontside cutback." us under (9 - 18 o'clock):
+34 675 170 004

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How to do a frontside cutback

To do a good cutback it’s essential to prepare the maneuver accordingly. Therefor your bottom turn has to be done correct. After the “take off” you’re going down to the bottom of the wave. This is where you start your bottom turn. That’s the only way to come to the spot in the wave where your cutback has to be.

Here we go! Look to the point of the wave where you want to do your cutback. If you arrived there turn your head and body to the breaking part of the wave, your board will follow by itself.
You decide how radical your cutback looks. The stronger you’re facing the broken part of the wave the more radical the maneuver appears.

There are many different ways to do a cutback.
Decide if you terminate the cutback here and continue riding the wave, or if you overdraw until your tail swings off and you’ll kick out some spray, or if you surf against the whitewash and let yourself vault back into the wave.

NEW: Radio Helmet Coaching

Nieuw: Radio helmet coaching! Met deze helm is het een live video coaching, Christof kan je coachen tijdens het paddelen en het surfen. Deze methode is erg goed voor het aanleren/verbeteren van manoeuvres, je zult hierdoor snel je cut back leren!



My tips:
"Your head and shoulders steer your board. The more you turn, the more radical you turn appears.
Get enough speed out of “take off” and your bottom turn, don’t do unnecessary moves. Then your cutback – no matter how radical – will almost be as good as Kelly's!

Hang Loose your Rick"





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Best of advanced course

  • Every day we go by our 4WD's to the surf spot/beach with the best waves for your surf level.
  • on the way to the line up
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Surf course prices (prices may vary depending on season)

1 day advanced surf course/surfschool from 49 euro
3 days advanced surf course/surfschool from 139 euro
5 days advanced surf course/surfschool from 209 euro

You want to surf more?
No problem! Just book one of our surf courses, as an intensive surf course, containing two surf sessions a day!
5 days advanced intermediate surf course/surfschool from 339 euro

Here you can download our surfschool brochure as pdf file.

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