Our SUP rental in Fuerteventura

Claudie  SUP in crystal clear blue water!

  • Varied SUP area for beginners and advanced
  • Wind sheltered bay, shallow water, no rips and currents - ideal for beginners
  • Beachbreak with gentle right and left waves for advanced
  • Ocean & Earth SUP epoxy boards with soft non-slip foam surface
  • Adjustable fiberglass paddles from Ocean & Earth
  • Billabong wetsuits
  • Warm blue water, white sand beach, picturesque rock with church
  • Rental station only 100m from the beach

Stand up paddling in Morro Jable

While SUP (stand up paddling) the surfer stands on a special surfboard with a lot of volume and paddles with a large paddle, similar to canoeing. As the paddle allows the surfer to accelerate the board and to maintain speed in weak waves, it's easy to stay longer on the wave.
Since a few years, SUP surfing grows fast and SUP surfers are not only seen on the sea, but also on many rivers and lakes. The smooth and steady paddling in an upright position is a healthy whole-body-training in nature, which strengthens arms, shoulders, back, abdomen and legs.

First SUP surfers were Polynesian fishermen, who stand in their canoes while navigating in the waters off the Tahitian coast. Even today, small bamboo rafts are seen in Indonesia, where fishermen are moving forward with the help of rods and paddles.
In the last century Hawaiian surf teachers used SUP surfing to get a better view on their students. The large board was comfortable, easy to maneuver between the reefs and offered space and stability to take photos of their surf students. Since a few years, SUP has become a recognized sport with various disciplines, such as stand up paddle surfing and distance stand up paddling.

Morro Jable offers a varied area for SUP surfers. Beginners as well as advanced SUP surfers will find ideal conditions for stand up paddling. In the wind sheltered bay with its picturesque cliff and white sand beach, are are almost no currents and waves. The water is crystal clear and blau - the perfect location for the first tries and small trips on the SUP board. To the neighboring village Jandia it takes just a few minutes walk on the beach or with the SUP board in the water. This small tour leads along the sand dune of Morro Jable to a known surf spot in Fuerteventura. At the lighthouse of Jandia, gentle left or right waves break on a sandbank, depending on wind and wave direction. A great place to surf waves with the SUP board.

Our shop in Morro Jable is just 100m away from the sea. Here we rent out Ocean & Earth SUP epoxy boards with soft non-slip foam surface, height-adjustable Ocean & Earth fiberglass paddles and Billabong wetsuits.

SUP rental prices

Prices may vary depending on season.

*1 hour (60min) SUP rental - (incl. paddle & board) - 10 euro
2 hours SUP rental - (incl. paddle & board) - 15 euro
4 hours SUP rental - (incl. paddle & board) - 25 euro

1 day SUP rental - (incl. paddle & board) - 40 euro
3 days SUP rental - (incl. paddle & board) - 90 euro

1 hour wetsuit rental (Billabong shorty) - 5 euro
1 day wetsuit rental (Billabong shorty) - 10 euro