Surf camp Morro Jable weekly program

As in any other surf camp, our main concern is surfing, no questions about that. But of course a surf camp also has a sense of community. You want to meet new people who share your passion about surfing.

We offer different accommodation in Morro Jable. To not only get in contact with the surf camp participants of your own accommodation, but also with all the other participants we organize several activities and evenings a week for all participants of our surf camp in Morro Jable. Of course, all guests from our other accommodations, such as our surf villa in La Pared or guests from the hotel who are just taking part in our surf course, are welcome, too!

In Morro Jable we have two meeting points where you can relax together, meet new people and meet our team.

The meeting point in the morning is our surf shop & surf school's office

(Street constructions in front of the office will affect opening hours and daily operations until summer 2022.)

Our surf school's office is located at Calle Maxorata 41 in Morro Jable. A cozy seating area with a retro game console awaits you here, a foosball table, Indoboard balance trainer, skateboards and beach cruiser bikes for hire.
In addition, in our shop we sell clothing and surf equipment from our own brand OTRO MODO, other Canarian brands, as well as well-known brands such as Billabong, Ocean & Earth.
When selecting the products for our shop, we make sure that we only offer items that have been produced sustainably.

Our surf shop is also our surf school office. Our staff is always happy to help you with questions and requests about the surf course, accommodation, activities after the surf course or general questions about the place or the island of Fuerteventura.

In our surf school's office you can register for our activities after the surf course and of course for our yoga on the beach.

The meeting point in the afternoon is the roof terrace of the TAO Apartments

(Due to the pandemic, there may be short-term restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed on the terrace.)

In the afternoon and early evening our guests meet on the small terrace between our apartments and the swimming pool of the TAO Apartments. The TAO Apartments are located next to the "Plaza De Los Pescadores" in Morro Jable. In summer, Spanish folk festivals and celebrations often take place on the square.
Spanish rock bands perform here as well as local folk groups. In any case, always an opportunity to be infected by the Spanish joie de vivre and to celebrate with the locals with the beach and the blue Atlantic as a backdrop.

The way to the beach via the "Plaza De Los Pescadores " is only 100m long, so you can quickly cool off in the sea at any time of the day.

Our apartments in the TAO apartment house are all next to each other and in the immediate vicinity of our communal roof terrace with Indoboard Balance Trainer, comfortable hammocks and cushions and the rooftop swimming pool with a great sea view. Here we also organize film and surf theory evenings under the stars.

Our weekly program

(Few program contents may change seasonally and participant related at short notice.)

Our program is an offer from us to our guests and participation is entirely voluntary. Everyone should spend their vacation and decide spontaneously and plan how they want.

Regardless of our weekly program, we hold yoga classes on the beach several times a week.
In addition, we are always open to your suggestions and wishes and can also spontaneously undertake other joint activities such as a small table football tournament or skating together with our longboards and surfskate boards.


Welcome Pizza at the beach (high season only)

Especially in the high season, many of our surf students and surf camp participants arrive on a Saturday.
Even surfers who have already done a surf course have many questions about surfing on Fuerteventura and of course very general questions about the place.

In addition, especially as a solo traveler, you want to quickly connect with the group of other surfers.
That's why we meet in the main season on Saturday evenings in our office and are happy to answer your questions about the course of the week, the surf course and life
If you like, you can join us for a pizza picnic on the beach of Morro Jable.


Surf theory & Tapas de Miguel

Of course our surf instructors give on the beach short explanations of surfing theory. But who wants to listen to theoretical explanations on the beach for a long time?
That's why we give additional theory lessons in our office in Morro Jable. Here you will learn more about currents, tides, wind and wave formation.

The "Tapas de Miguel" is a cozy little restaurant in one of the side alleys of Morro Jable's seafront promenade. The name does not reveal that Michele the owner offers delicious fresh tapas as well as very good fresh pizza and pasta. No matter if you only want a small dish for beer or wine or you want to eat a plate full of pasta, here everyone feels welcome in the warm and familiar atmosphere.

Tip: Tapas de Miguel offers lunch (12 to 15 o'clock) and afternoon (15 to 18 o'clock) menus. Pizza or pasta and a drink cost 8€ respectively 9€.


Beach Paella, Beach BBQ or Sunset Dinner

What is the Spanish national dish? Paella. I hardly know any Spanish who do not answer the question of whats their favorite dish with: "Paella!"
A freshly made Paella is unbelievably delicious and also for us who have lived on Fuerteventura for many years something special.

Our friend Pepe grew up in Morro Jable and prepares his paella as well as his mother before him and before that his grandmother did.

The preparation of paella takes some time and it is only worth it for a larger group of people. This fits in well with the warm and communal Spanish mentality - food is something to be with friends to laugh and enjoy.
For Pepe to prepare his Paella he needs, at least 10 people who participate in the paella dinner.

Alternatively, we go to the "Waikiki" on Tuesday evening. There you'll get all Canarian classics dishes. The most important you have a great seaview from the the small terraces like seating area. In winter you can  see the sunset in front of the restaurant.


Farola del Mar

The "Farola del Mar" is one of the oldest restaurants in Morro Jable. It is right on the small beach of Morro Jable. A staircase leads to the sea so that you can take a dip in the Atlantic before or after your meal. 
The friendly owners of the Farola del Mar serve you Canarian classics and changing daily menus.



Sandboarding, spikeball or table soccer tournament

Do you know the big dune between Morro Jable and Jandia?
When you see the white sand, it reminds some of other "white slopes". We thought so too and decided to bring a bit of winter sports feeling to Morro Jable with old surfboards.

Our sandboards are discarded softboards from the surf course. So you don't have to have any snowboarding experience. There are no foot straps or bindings when sandboarding in Fuerteventura. You can jump off the board at any time and fall into the soft sand.

Understandably, there are many people who, when traveling to a place where snow never falls, do not want to be reminded of winter either. This is more than understandable, which is why we organize a small table football tournament in our office in Morro Jable.
Hey, wild cranking doesn't apply here either ;)

We also have a spikeball set that we can use to play on the beach in the evening sun.


K-Pricho & Tortuga

For many surf camp participants, Friday is the last evening here with us on Fuerteventura. What is the best way to end a week full of new impressions with new friends and acquaintances?
Eat with a tasty burger!
The best burgers are in the town center in the small burger shop K-Pricho.
The owner Asier only buys products from local farmers and has lovingly created his own burgers, which we think are very good.
Tip: The vegan burgers are delicious!

If you are not tired after a week of surfing, you can walk with us along the beach promenade to Jandia. There is the Tortuga, one of the most famous bars in the south of Fuerteventura.
From the large open terrace of the Tortugas you can see the sea and the lighthouse of Jandia. The fresh sea air cools you down while you dance with locals from Morro Jable, other surfers and new friends from the surf camp.
Local DJ's play a mix of Spanish music and international hits.