Surf camp Morro Jable weekly program

(Due to changing regulations for protection against Corona, there may be restrictions in the implementation of our weekly program. Individual program items may be canceled or the procedure may change.)

As in any other surf camp, our main concern is surfing, no questions about that. But of course a surf camp also has a sense of community. You want to meet new people who share your passion about surfing.

We offer different accommodation in Morro Jable. To not only get in contact with the surf camp participants of your own accommodation, but also with all the other participants we organize several activities and evenings a week for all participants of our surf camp in Morro Jable. Of course, all guests from our other accommodations, such as our surf villa in La Pared or guests from the hotel who are just taking part in our surf course, are welcome, too!

Our weekly program is an offer from us for our guests and participation is completely voluntary. Everybody can decide spontaneously to take part or not in our activities.


Tapas de Miguel

The "Tapas de Miguel" is a cozy little restaurant in one of the side alleys of Morro Jable's seafront promenade. The name does not reveal that Michele the owner offers delicious fresh tapas as well as very good fresh pizza and pasta. No matter if you only want a small dish for beer or wine or you want to eat a plate full of pasta, here everyone feels welcome in the warm and familiar atmosphere.

Tip: Tapas de Miguel offers lunch (12 to 15 o'clock) and afternoon (15 to 18 o'clock) menus. Pizza or pasta and a drink cost 8€ respectively 9€.


Surf theory & Canaima

Of course our surf instructors give on the beach short explanations of surfing theory. But who wants to listen to theoretical explanations on the beach for a long time?
That's why we give additional theory lessons in our office in Morro Jable. Here you will learn more about currents, tides, wind and wave formation.

After that we go to the Venezuelan restaurant "Canaima", there you get delicious burgers, takkos and quite often really good live music!


La Strada

The "La Strada" is one of the oldest restaurants in Morro Jable. Most recently it was completely renovated and newly furnished in Mediteranean and Canarian style. Just as appealing as the ambience is the kitchen. The owners Rayk and Marcel serve Canarian classics and changing daily menus.
Tip: Take a look at the pictures on the walls, hard to believe how Morro Jable once looked like a fishing village with five houses.


Sand boarding or table soccer tournament

Do you know the big dune between Morro Jable and Jandia?
If you see the white sand, does it remind you of some other "white slopes". We thought so and decided to bring a little winter sport feeling to Morro Jable. So let's slide down the dune with old surfboards.

There are many people who do not want to be reminded of the winter when they travel to a place where there is never snow. This is more than understandable, so we organize alternatively in our office in Morro Jable a little table soccer tournament.


Paella or Sunset Dinner

What is the Spanish national dish? Paella. I hardly know any Spanish who do not answer the question of whats their favorite dish with: "Paella!"
A freshly made Paella is unbelievably delicious and also for us who have lived on Fuerteventura for many years something special.

Our friend Pepe grew up in Morro Jable and prepares his paella as well as his mother before him and before that his grandmother did.

The preparation of paella takes some time and it is only worth it for a larger group of people. This fits in well with the warm and communal Spanish mentality - food is something to be with friends to laugh and enjoy.
For Pepe to prepare his Paella he needs, at least 10 people who participate in the paella dinner.

Alternatively, we go to the "Waikiki" on Friday evening. There you'll get all Canarian classics dishes. The most important you have a great seaview from the the small terraces like seating area. In winter you can  see the sunset in front of the restaurant.