Morro Jable - The romantic fishing village by the sea

Hi, I'm Christof and I've been living in Morro Jable since 2009.

The romantic fishing village of Morro Jable is located near the southernmost point of Fuerteventura. It is situated at the end of the long sandy beaches of the southern peninsula of Jandia and in front of the highest mountains of Fuerteventura.
The heart of Morro Jable is the small beach promenade. From here, the alleys with their restaurants and tapas bars branch off and lead further up into the village. In front of it is the picturesque bay of Morro Jable with its turquoise blue, clear water.

The beach of Morro Jable
Fisherman in the harbour of Morro Jable
Fish restaurant in Morro Jable
Promenade of Morro Jable
Surfing in Morro Jable
Restaurant in the bay of Morro Jable
Sunrise in Morro Jable on Fuerteventura
The fishing village Morro Jable
SUP in Morro Jable
Family on the beach of Morro Jable

Above the bay of Morro Jable is a hill on which the prominent church tower of the village can be seen.
The houses of Morro Jable are built into the valley and onto the nearby hill with the church.

Behind this hill lies the economic heart of the village. This is where the small fishing and excursion harbour is located. Many small fishing boats are anchored in this harbour, which you can often watch from the beach. This is also the starting point for numerous popular boat trips to the south of Fuerteventura. At the end of these boat trips, a stop is often made in the bay of Morro Jable, where guests can swim and snorkel.

Morro Jable belongs to the municipality of Pajara and, if the two tourist towns of Jandia and Costa Calma are not included, is the largest town in the south of Fuerteventura. This makes Morro Jable the fourth largest town on Fuerteventura. Only Gran Tarajal, Corralejo and the capital Puerto del Rosario have more inhabitants than Morro Jable.

VW Camper in the south of Fuerteventura
perfect wave in Fuerteventura south
Surf course in the south of Fuerteventura
Cut back with longboard
west coast sunset on Fuerteventura

History of Morro Jable

Morro Jable was founded in 1899 by Cirilo López Umpiérrez, as you can see from the inscription on the base of the small statue in the centre of the village. Until well into the 1970s, the village could only be reached by a gravel road. The inhabitants lived from fishing and the village consisted of the two main streets, which have since become a pedestrian zone. The fishing boats were moored directly on the small beach in front of the village.

In the 1970s, the first paved road was built to the south of Fuerteventura, opening up Morro Jable to the first tourists.
The most prominent people among the first tourists were the former German ChancellorWilly Brandt with his family and Foreign MinisterWalter Scheel with his wife in the winter of 1972/73. The members of the government had to keep in touch with Bonn via radio because Morro Jable was not yet connected to the telephone network at that time.

In memory of Willy Brandt, a bronze statue was unveiled in 2017 on the beach promenade in direction of Jandia, showing the German Chancellor sitting on the beach. There are also several information boards with pictures of his visit to Morro Jable.

Surfer in Cofete, Fuerteventura
Lagoon in the South of Fuerteventura
fisher village on Fuerteventura
fishing boats in the harbour of Morro Jable
hiking trail Buen Paso on Fuerteventura
Stone sculptures on the beach on Fuerteventura
Beach of La Pared, Fuerteventura South
Waves with strong offshore wind
The sand dunes of Fuerteventura
perfect wave on Fuerteventura

Attractions in Morro Jable

Of course, Morro Jable also has some sights, for example the two churches. There is a small church built in the Canarian style called "Ermita de San Miguel". It was the very first church in the village. The other well-known church in Morro Jable is the "Nuestra Señora del Carmen". It is located on the hill above the bay and is an integral part of the beautiful townscape.

Another attraction is the turtle breeding station in the harbour of Morro Jable. The non-profit project is organised by the University of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. The aim is to reintroduce the hawksbill turtle, also called Caretta caretta, to Fuerteventura. For this purpose, eggs of the turtle are buried on the beach of Cofete. After hatching, the little baby turtles are nurtured until they are no longer a target for natural predators and can be released in Cofete without danger. As turtles always return to the beach where they hatched, more and more turtles will hatch naturally in Cofete and find their way into the sea in the future.

A little insider tip are the big rays in the harbour basin of Morro Jable. Directly in the harbour opposite the fish restaurant "Cofradia", the small fishing boats moor to unload the freshly caught fish. If you go to the edge and look down into the water, you will often discover rays over one and a half metres wide. You can watch them gliding slowly and elegantly along the surface. At high tide, the rays sometimes even come up the wall of the jetty, so you can see them up close.

Of course, the small beach promenade at the bay of Morro Jable is also a sight to see. There is no better place for a dinner by the sea in the breathtaking sunset.

The statue of Willy Brandt with its information boards is also a real sight in Morro Jable. The statue is located directly on the promenade from Morro Jable to Jandia.

fishing boats in Morro Jable
Tapas Bar in Morro Jable
The village of Morro Jable on Fuerteventura
Small shops on Fuerteventura
Sunset in Jandia
Sunset in Morro Jable
Restaurant in Morro Jable
SUPing in Morro Jable
Way to the beach of Morro Jable
Tapas bar on Fuerteventura

Eating, Drinking, Shopping and Nightlife in Morro Jable

On the picturesque beach promenade of Morro Jable there are several fish restaurants where you can eat delicious, freshly caught fish and enjoy it while sitting directly on the water.

In the narrow alleys that lead from the beach promenade into the town, there are other highly recommended restaurants. Among them are some very good Italian restaurants, but also a restaurant that specialises in "arepas", the Venezuelan version of burritos. There is also an Irish pub with delicious burgers that are famous all over the island, and of course the legendary tapas bar "San Bordon".

The deeper you go into the town, the more small restaurants and bars are there for you to discover. Besides Moroccan cuisine, there are also numerous restaurants with tasty Canarian home cooking.

In addition to the large supermarket, there are several small grocery shops in Morro Jable. Many of them are open daily until late in the evening, some also on Sundays and public holidays. Of course, there are also various small boutiques and shops for clothes, beach wear and souvenirs.

In Morro Jable you will also find two health food shops and a small market hall where you can get very tasty dishes for little money, especially at lunchtime.

In the evening, people in Morro Jable are drawn to one of the small alleys between the beach promenade and the town. There are several bars here that have live music and are open until late at night. If you still don't want to go to bed, just walk along the beautiful beach promenade to neighbouring Jandia. There are several discos here where you can dance and party until dawn.

Dinner with friends in Morro Jable
Beach Volleyball on the beach of Morro Jable
Skating in Morro Jable
An evening in the bay of Morro Jable
With the SUP Boards through Morro Jable

Leisure activities in Morro Jable

The most important leisure activity for us is, of course, surfing. But you can also do a lot more in Morro Jable.
The bay of Morro Jable is sheltered from the wind and there is hardly any current - an ideal place for your first standing and paddling attempts on the SUP board.

In the beautiful bay of Morro Jable, the long sandy beaches of Jandia end at the small cliff. Here you can also go snorkelling. There are many small and large fish to see. Sometimes you can even spot rays here.

The highest mountains of the island start directly at Morro Jable. A good tip for a special hike is the old goat path through the "Gran Valle" over a pass to Cofete, the longest and most remote beach on the island.

If you like playing volleyball, you can do so at the beach volleyball courts on the beach behind the dune.
We also arrange a variety of cool trips and special excursions. We will be happy to advise you!