Surf lessons for children in Fuerteventura

Lucas  I want to become a surf pro!

  • Official surf school of the local government
  • 4 1/2h surf course daily (including beach transfer)
  • Personal care in small groups
  • Special course with individual care for children under 10 years of age
  • Kids wetsuit with long arms and legs from Billabong
  • Child-friendly surfboards made of soft foam
  • Surf helmets with soft neoprene coating for children under 10 years
  • All surf instructors are beach lifeguards and FES, Surfing GB or ISA certified
  • Every day we go to the beach with the best waves for our students surfing level
  • Largest selection of different surf beaches thanks to 4WD fleet (Landrover)
  • Video coaching, GoPro rental, surf certificate
  • Free pick up service to the surf lessons from the surf camp and all Hotels in the south of Fuerteventuras

Non-binding request

Hello I am Tine. I have two children and live with my family in Morro Jable. I organize the surf school's office. I am happy to answer your questions and send you a non-binding offer.

Short and easy to understand briefing on the beach
Don't forget to wear a helmet
The surf instructor is with the children in the shallow water.
Surf instructor chooses the right wave and gives the board a push
Take Off Technique on the water
Successful Take Off
Surf girl gliding on a small green wave
Children surfing in Fuerteventura
a great experience for parents and children

our kids surf course

Hello, I am Derek. I am responsible for the surf lessons for children and teenagers at OTRO MODO.
Surfing is a great sport for children. Beach and waves are an exciting playground, which also does not bore us adult surfers.

We offer surf courses for children year round. For children between 7 and 10 years of age who take part in the surf course without their parents, we offer extra small groups with only 4 children per surf instructor. This way, the surf instructor can take individually care and respond better to individual needs and wishes of the child.

For the surf course we pick up our students from their accommodation. For children we have booster seats in our car.

For surfing you don't need much equipment, only wetsuit and surfboard. Their use is simple and does not require long explanation.
For small children we have special wetsuits with long legs and arms. These provide better protection from the sun and keep warm longer. Also we have small surfboards with a soft foam surface to prevent possible injuries.

In addition, children up to 11 get a surf helmet from us. The helmet is light, flexible and covered with soft neoprene. It not only protects against possible collisions with the surfboard, but also provides additional protection from the sun.

We go every day to the beach, which offers the best conditions for surfing for children. These are beaches with soft sand, less current and small waves.

Children learn sport playfully by constantly trying. Therefore we skip a part of our theory lessons but explain all necessary safety rules for the usw of surfboard in short and simple steps. This also includes exercises on land for the take off on the surfboard.
Than everybody is off to the water with the surf instructor. He helps choosing waves, pushes the children into the waves and gives tips and feedback.

Kids surf course prices

Prices for children from 11 years

*1 day kids surf course / surfschool for 62€
3 days kids surf course / surfschool for 168€
5 days kids surf course / surfschool for 260€

After 5 days of surf course, each additional surf course day costs 52€.

Surf course price for children from 7 to 10 years

unaccompanied by parents in the surf course

Children younger than 11 need more support and individual attention when learning to surf - whether it's carrying the surfboard into the water, choosing the right wave or giving the surfboard a little push into the wave at the right moment.

To ensure that our youngest surfers feel safe and secure and have fun in the water, we teach children (whose parents do not participate in the surf course) in groups of maximum 4 children per surf instructor.
In this way, our surf instructor can respond individually to the needs and wishes of each child.

*1 day surfing - kids surf course costs 109€.
3 days surfing - kids surf course costs 299€
5 days surfing - kids surf course costs 449€

After 5 days surf course each additional day costs 89€.