Our Advanced Surf course

Sven  Finally turned my top turn into a cutback!

  • Official surf school of the local government
  • 4 1/2 hours daily surf course - incl. 4WD Guiding with our Landrover
  • Individual teaching in small groups - 4 to 8 students per teacher
  • Every day we go to the beach with the best waves for the surf level of our students
  • Surfing in steep and hollow waves
  • Bottom turn, top turn
  • Cutback, Floater, snap
  • All surf instructors are beach lifeguards and FES or ISA certified
  • Including radio helmet coaching and video coaching
  • Free pick up from all surf camps and all hotels in the south of Fuerteventura

Non-binding request

Hello, I'm Tine. I organize the surf school's office and plan our surf lessons together with our surf teachers. I am happy to answer your questions and send you a non-binding offer.

Every day we go by our 4WD's to the surf spot/beach with the best waves for your surf level.
surf course at deserted beach with clean waves
explanation of the surf spot
on the way to the line up
power snap
longboard cutback
backside cutback training with radio helmet
on the way to the lip
power cutback
happy surf dude

Maneuvers to improve surfing for advanced surfers

Even good surfers rarely claim that they dominate all the techniques in surfing. Kelly Slater himself, the 11 times world champion, thanked his biggest rival Andy Irons (R.I.P.) after his 7th world title in an interview, and said: “Only because of the hard competition with Andy I got to be as good as I am now.”

We’re offering advanced surf courses for surfers who already rode green waves. Of course you don’t have to be able to ride your board like Kelly. It’s enough if you can surf a green wave.

For those of you, who want to make their surf look more radical, Emiel explains you how to do a frontside cutback – an important maneuver in surfing.
“Hello I’m Emiel. I’m the head coach of the OTRO MODO Surf School, ISA Level 2 surf coach and SLSA beach lifeguard. I’ll explain you how to do the frontside cutback."

How to do a frontside cutback

To do a good cutback it’s essential to prepare the maneuver accordingly. Therefor your bottom turn has to be done correct. After the “take off” you’re going down to the bottom of the wave. This is where you start your bottom turn. That’s the only way to come to the spot in the wave where your cutback has to be.

Here we go! Look to the point of the wave where you want to do your cutback. If you arrived there turn your head and body to the breaking part of the wave, your board will follow by itself.
You decide how radical your cutback looks. The stronger you’re facing the broken part of the wave the more radical the maneuver appears.

There are many different ways to do a cutback.
Decide if you terminate the cutback here and continue riding the wave, or if you overdraw until your tail swings off and you’ll kick out some spray, or if you surf against the whitewash and let yourself vault back into the wave.

New: Radio helmet coaching! The radio helmet coaching will be like a live video coaching, in which your surf instructor can coach you while you are actually up and riding. A great way to improve your surfing skills and learn how to surf green waves in a short time!

Surfing at sunrise
sunset at the surf spot
On the way to the water
surfers in the line up
surf crew at the beach at sunset

Emiel's Tips:

"Your head and shoulders steer your board. The more you turn, the more radical you turn appears.
Get enough speed out of “take off” and your bottom turn, don’t do unnecessary moves. Then your cutback – no matter how radical – will almost be as good as Kelly's! Hang Loose!"

Advanced surf course prices

Prices may vary depending on season.

*1 day surfing - surf lessons for advanced costs 62€
3 days surfing - surf lessons for advanced cost 168€
5 days surfing - surfing lessons for advanced cost 260€

After 5 days of surfing lessons, each additional day of surfing lessons costs €52.

Want to surf more?
You can book our intermediate and advanced surf courses as an intensive surf course, with two surf sessions a day!
The second surf session of the day costs €45.

Semi-private course for advanced surfers

Max. 4 surf students per surf instructor

When learning more complex manoeuvres in green (unbroken) waves, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the waves provide the basis for such manoeuvres. Fuerteventura is definitely one of the most wave-safe surf destinations in Europe.
Secondly, you need an experienced coach who can assess and analyse the physical conditions and movements of the surf student well, in order to then give the individually appropriate tips for improving the surfing technique.

The smaller the group, the more individually our surf instructor can respond to each individual surf student.
Therefore, as an upgrade to our "normal" surf course for advanced surfers, we offer surf courses in groups of maximum 4 surf students per surf instructor.
These courses usually take place in the low season outside school holidays.

*1 day advanced surf course (semi-private) costs 99€
3 days advanced surf course (semi-private) costs 279€
5 days advanced surf course (semi-private) costs 429€

After 5 days surf course each additional day costs 85€