Our SUP rental in Fuerteventura

Nina  Perfect SUP boards for the Atlantic...

  • Ocean & Earth SUP epoxy boards with soft non-slip foam surface
  • Adjustable fiberglass paddles from Ocean & Earth
  • Billabong wetsuits
  • Varied SUP area for beginners and advanced
  • Rental station only 150m from the beach

Non-binding request

Hello, I'm Tine. I organize the surf school's office. I am happy to answer your questions and send you a non-binding offer.

Our office is only 250m from the beach
Ocean & Earth SUP epoxy boards with soft non-slip foam surface
Billabong wetsuits
SUP in the bay of Morro Jable
Couple with rental SUP in Morro Jable

Our SUP boards and paddles from Ocean & Earth

Ocean & Earth was founded in 1978 by Brian Cregan and Graham Williams of New South Wales, Australia. Initially, the company, which at that time consisted only of the founders and three other employees, produced a few surfing gear items. Ocean & Earth grew slowly. Until 1986, the production of the Ocean & Earth article took place in an old four-room house with a shop front.

Thanks to the feedback from fellow surfers, surf shops and customers, the quality improved constantly. In the second half of 1986, the first factory with 500 square meters of floor space was built. By the mid-to-late eighties, Ocean & Earth's product portfolio grew strongly, encompassing a wide selection of surf accessories, backpacks, surfboards, and a small selection of garments that still form the backbone of the company.

For more than 10 years, Ocean & Earth has been building SUP boards. The quality standards of the founders and their products are also reflected in their stand up paddle boards. The epoxy construction is amazingly light and durable. The soft foam cover ensures a safe stance and prevents possible injuries.

Most important: Ocean & Earth SUP boards are developed and tested by surfers. These SUP boards are not only easy to paddle in shallow water - they also have excellent gliding and maneuvering behavior in small and medium waves. Ideal for use in the Atlantic on our doorstep!

Our wetsuits from Billabong

Billabong was founded in 1973 by surfer and shaper Gordon Merchant on the Australian Gold Coast. After modest beginnings - designing board shorts at home, stitching the patterns on the kitchen table and then selling them at local surf shops - the brand quickly gained popularity. Surfers preferred the superior functionality and quality of Billabong boardshorts. They were much more durable than traditional boardshorts, thanks to Gordon Merchant's patented triple-stitch technique "Tripple Stitch Technology".

Surfers from the area, who were convinced of the quality of the products, were involved in the marketing of Billabong products. Soon followed sponsored competitions and a team of professional surfers. Already in the early 1980s, Billabong had a solid standing in the Australian surf culture, ready for international expansion. In the second half of the 1980s, Billabong began selling its products in America, Europe and Asia.

During the 1990s, the surf industry grew exponentially. Professional surfing gained a lot of new followers thanks to modern media presentation and the beginning of the internet. Billabong entered more boardsports markets and is still active in skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

To this day Billabong has remained faithful to their quality standards. An international team of sports professionals on first plces in world rankings is involved in the development of Billabong products.

Thanks to the use of the latest materials and workmanship and the constant feedback of the Billabong Surf Team, Billabong's wetsuits are among the best on the market.
In our surf shop in Morro Jable we have Billabong wetsuits in various designs and all popular sizes. Twice a year we renew our stock of wetsuits.

Requirements for SUP rental

We only rent SUP equipment to SUP surfers who have solid experience in SUP in the sea.
The wind and waves on the Canary Islands and especially on Fuerteventura can be much stronger than in other surfing areas. Even experienced inland SUP surfers often underestimate the power of the Atlantic.
We recommend that all SUP surfers with little experience spend at least one or two days on one of our SUP courses.

SUP rental in Morro Jable & Jandia

Our home beach Morro Jable and the neighboring beach in Jandia are ideal for stand up paddeling. The bay of Morro Jable, sheltered by wind, waves and currents, with its clear blue waters and picturesque rock, is an excellent location for first SUP attempts and small tours.
Our surf school's office and SUP rental station are located only 150m from the beach.

Jandia can be reached in about 15 minutes on foot on the beach promenade or simply as a SUP tour along the beach. The clean and small waves there are ideal for sup surfing.

SUP rental prices

plus 50€ deposit

*1 day SUP rental - (incl. paddle & board) - 40€
3 days SUP rental - (incl. paddle & board) - 100€

1 day wetsuit rental (Billabong shorty) - 10€