Radio Helmet Surf Coaching

Hansi  Great progress in surfing in a short time!

In our advanced surf lessons and in our surf guiding we offer you the possibility to combine your surf course with a radio helmet coaching.
Has not every one of us ever wanted that?
A little man in the ear, who tells you when surfing what to do, so that the dream maneuver finally works!

With us this wish becomes reality!
Thanks to our wireless helmet coaching, every second of the knowledge and experience of a surf coach is available to you in the water:
"Continue paddling to the peak of the wave." ... "Two more paddles, otherwise you'll lose the wave." ... "Drive the bottom turn further down the wave." ... "Target the lip of the wave." ... "Turn your upper body towards the wave." etc.

This will improve your surfing technique while surfing the wave. In order to learn the sometimes complex movements of advanced surfing maneuvers, there is no more effective way.
So every surfer increases his skills in surfing in a short time! From now on, you are guaranteed to always be in the best position in line-up, because from land your surf coach can see approaching sets from a greater distance than the surfers in the water. Then finally your top turn becomes a real cutback or snap!

Just book the radio helmet Coaching in addition to your intermediate or advanced surf course.

Radio Helmet Surf Coaching Preise

Prices may vary depending on season.

*1 day radio helmet surf coaching (plus surf course) is 29,- euro

1 day surf course (intermediate/advanced) incl. radio helmet coaching is 84,- euro