Surf Guiding on Fuerteventura

Mike  shared perfect waves with friends!

You have got one week of holiday and you want to surf as many of the good waves as possible. But you don't know where to go?

As we have known the Canaries for years - especially Fuerteventura and Lanzarote - we are able to guide you to the surf spot with the best conditions every day. You will be surprised how many undiscovered surf spots there are on the islands.
We know surf spots for all surfing skills from beginner to advanced. It doesn't matter if you are practising your first green waves or if you are trying to get more spray out of your cutback - we can show you where is best to do it!

You've heard about the fantastic reef surf spots on the Canaries, but you're worried about the potential but rare dangers off reef surfing?

Don't worry! Our surf guides will take you to a surf spot suitable to your surfing skills. They will carefully explain the surf spot to you and show you the currents and where to get in and out the water.

Our surf guiding is always designed to suit your surf skills. Guiding always contains a detailed videocoaching, an explanation of the surf spot and intermediate or advanced surf lessons include theory and practical.

Upgrade your advanced surf lessons to a surf guiding trip and experience more adventures and see more interesting and exciting sides of the Canary Islands.

New: Radio helmet coaching! The radio helmet coaching will be like a live video coaching, in which your surf instructor can coach you while you are actually up and riding. A great way to improve your surfing skills and learn how to surf green waves in a short time!

example for the program of one week surf guiding

You stay for 7 days in on of our surf camps. For five days we will go to the best surf spots available on Fuerteventura. We will stay 2 nights at the spot with the best wave (in a tent or an apartment) and/or we will visit an other island of the Canaries (Lanzarote, Los Lobos, La Graciosa).

Surf Guiding Prices and Dates

1 day private surf guiding (5 - 7,5h) - 149€

Our surfschool runs surf courses year round on Fuerteventura. According to an optimal preperation we offer our surf guiding trips during particular time periods. 1. Oktober to 31. May
Our surf guiding is aimed at surfers with their own surf equipment who already have a good basic knowledge of surfing green (unbroken) waves. In order to be able to respond to the individual needs and wishes of our surf guests, we only offer surf guiding as a private course.

We have designed several surf packages, suitable for everyone, from holiday surfer to the surf addicted. You can book our surf guiding as a complete offer and stay in one of our surf camps. Every morning we meet in our surfschool office to choose according to the wave and wind condions the best surf spot for your surf level.

All surf guiding packages contain: surf equipment (Billabong wetsuits, NSP and Surftech surfboards, etc.), video coaching, transfers to the most suitable surf spot, transfers to your accommodation and insurance. The Price does not include accommodation and ferry tickets.

You are not sure if our surf guiding is the right surf package for you?
 Do you already know our surf courses for intermediate and advanced surfers?

You want to explore Fuerteventura on your own after the surf guiding? Do you already know our Landrover Defender renatl service "Back to Fuerte"? Here you can rent an off-road vehicle with a campervan conversion!