Excursions for surfers in Morro Jable

Buggy fahren über die staubigen Schotterpisten im verlassenen Süden von FuerteventuraJetski Safarie zu Schildkröten und Delfinen im Süden von Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a water sports paradise, but there is much more to discover on our favorite island. Here are a few excursion tips for all surfers who live in Morro Jable...

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einsame Linke irgendwo im Süden von Fuerteventurasaubere kleine rechte Welle im Süden von Fuerteventura

Where better to surf in Fuerteventura - in the north or in the south. Today I want to answer this question especially for advanced surfers.

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Surf camp in May

warmes Wasser im Mai auf Fuerteventuraabendliche surf session an der Westküste im Mai

May is not the month for many surfers planning a trip to a surf camp. Here are a few reasons why May on Fuerteventura is an insider tip among the surfing months.

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Surf camp away from mass tourism

In der großen Bucht von La Pared brechen das gnaze Jahr gute Wellen für Anfänger und FortgeschritteneUnsere Surf Villa abseits vom Massentourismus an der wilden Westküste

Our surf villa in La Pared is located away from mass tourism on the wild and dreamy west coast of Fuerteventura. Here the island is as tranquil as it used to be.

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Surf camp with teenagers

Volleyball am Strand nach dem SurfkursBrüder auf der grünen Welle

There are many families in our surf camp. A holiday in a surf camp is also ideal for families with teenagers. You travel with the family and the teens quickly connect...

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The top sights for surfers in Fuerteventura

Der endlose Strand von CofeteDie Bucht der kleinen Insel Lobos

There are also attractions in Fuerteventura. In addition to the normal sights, there are some that are only interesting for surfers. Which? You can find out in our blog...

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Surfstrand im Süden der InselBlick auf die legändere Northshore im Norden der Insel

For many surfers in Fuerteventura, the question is: if the north or the south is better for surfing, one of the most discussed surfing topics. Here is a brief overview of...

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