The waves in the surfing village of La Pared

Die große Bucht "El Viejo Rey" in La ParedAbend session in La Pared

The surfing village of La Pared on the west coast of Fuerteventura is known for its large natural beach "El Viejo Rey" but there is a second beach where you can surf.

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Surf camp over 40

Wellenreiten lernen mit 40Paddelpower kennt keine Altersgrenzen

Even with over 40 years or older you are not too old for a surf camp and to learn to surf. Especially outside of school and university breaks, we often have over 40...

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Surf vacation in Fuerteventura for couples

auf dem Weg zum Strand von La ParedSurfkurs im Sonnenuntergang

There are many couples surfing. Here are a few tips and information for couples who are going on a surf trip together.


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Surf camp Fuerteventura catering

Frühstück im spanischen Cafe Kuatro70Fischessen beim Sonnenuntergang in La Pared

How do you take care of yourself in our surf camp in Fuerteventura? A few tips and information on catering in Morro Jable and La Pared.

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Surf and swim with children on Fuerteventura

Planschen und Spielen am Strand bei EbbeSurfer-Papa mit Sohn

Is there a beach in Fuerteventura where you can swim and surf at the same time with children? A very important question for families, which we are trying to answer here.

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Surf in Fuerteventura in April

menschleerer Strand und saubere Wellen an der Westküste der Inselunser Hausstrand in Jandia mit einer perfekten Abendsession

Can you surf Fuerteventura in April? Of course you can. Here is some information about the weather and the waves on Fuerteventura in April.

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Fuerteventura carnival

Verkleidete Einheimische auf dem FestwagenSurfcamp Karneval Feier in Morro Jable

Carnival is also celebrated in Fuerteventura. Here is some information, experiences and tips for celebrating Carnival in Fuerteventura.

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