Surfing and Yoga on Fuerteventura

Dani  Yoga at the beach is amazing!

The term Yoga means fusion and integration of body and soul. The ancient indian philosophy involves spiritual and physical exercises, which have a calming and balancing effect on mental and physical wellness.

The training of strength, flexibility and balance activates the blood circulation and muscles - vitalizes your back muscles and improves your bearing.

The combination of surfing and Yoga is not just about creating a relaxing end to a successful surf day, it also supports the regeneration of your body and improves your flexibility on the surfboard.

Thanks to many years of experience our yoga teacher Jana can design the Yoga lesson for your individual desires, from beginner to advanced levels. The Yoga lessons take place either in the shady grounds of our office gardens, a special training room, or on the beach.

Yoga group
Yoga at the beach
Yoga teach Jana

How many hours of Yoga you would like to take and on what days you would like to participate, you can decide individually together with our Yoga teacher.

Yoga prices

*Prices may vary depending on the number of participants.

1 hour (60min) Yoga - (group from 3 persons) - 12 euro