Surfcamp Fuerteventura Team

Name: Tine | Surfs since: 2005 | Nationality: German | Occupation: Photographer

Since 2007 Tine lives and surfs in Fuerteventura. Tine makes sure that you can enjoy your holiday without a care. She organises our office, airport transfers, accommodation, surf lessons and is always available to fix any problems or provide any desires. Regularly Tine attends the surf lessons to shoot pictures of you surfing in professional quality.
"Surfing fascinates me. There is no other sport that bring you closer to nature than surfing."

Name: Christof | Surfs since: 1999 | Nationality: German | Occupation: Grafik Designer and BSA Surf Coach, SLSA Beach Lifeguard

Christof is the founder of OTRO MODO Surfschool. He has worked for more than 9 years as a surf instructor for both beginner and advanced surfers in surfcamps in France, Spain, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Indonesia. With regular on-the-job training he ensures that the surf coaching skills of his team are up to date. Feedback sheets and weekly team meetings ensure permanent quality.
"I invite you to a relaxing holiday with sun, sea, new impressions and friends. ...and of course lots of fun, action and adventure!"

Name: Victor | Surfs since: 2005 | Nationality: German | Occupation: ISA Level 2 Instructor, SLSGB Beach Lifeguard

Victor is the surf school's head coach. With his ISA Level 2 and SLSGB Beach Lifeguard certificate, the certified sports scientist is the most experienced surf instructor in our team. Victor plans the surf courses and attends the surf lessons every day. In his role as a contact person for our guests and team members, he is the "glue" that keeps everything together.
"Surfing for me is an outlet and equation at the same time. It brings me to the ground and makes clear to me; it's not about winning or losing, it's about going with the Wave - Go With The Flow!!!"

Name: Jana | Yoga since: 2010 | Nationality: German | Occupation: Yoga & Fitness Teacher

Already as child, Jana barely missed a day without sports. She quickly realized that this passion would determine her life and she decided to study sports science. Since 2012, Jana has been working on Fuerteventura. She is an experienced yoga teacher and teaches all levels. Whether you are a beginner, advanced, advanced, young or old.
Yoga classes can be arranged for groups or individuals for better balance in surf and in life. Sessions on the beach or in a private, harmonious environment.
"Yoga for Surfers helps you remain present and aware so you can deepen the thrill of being one with the nature in the water and on land. Aloha and Namaste"

Former team members

Name: Rick | Surf since: 2001 | Nationality: Dutch | Occupation: Sports Student and BSA Level 2 Surf Coach, SLSA Beach Lifeguard

Rick was the head coach of OTRO MODO Surfschool. He's got salt water in his veins, because he only stops surfing for sleeping and eating.
Rick has the right advice for every type of surfer, it doesent matter if you are a beginner surfer and praticing your first take off or if you have already a lot of surfing experience and want to turn your top turns into cut backs.
"Work sucks, Go surfing!"

Name: Lenny | Surfs since: 2001 | Nationality: German | Occupation: Sport Science Student

Lenny can not imagine a life without surfing since more than five years. The past summers he worked together with Christof for a Surfcamp in France.
As he’s got new aims, now he supports the OTRO MODO Crew with their, surf lessons, office organisation and surf guiding trips.
"Surf now, apocalypse later"