Our intermediate surf course

John  Finally I caught a green wave!

  • Official surf school of the local government
  • 4 1/2 hours daily surf course - incl. 4WD Guiding with our Landrover
  • Individual teaching in small groups - 4 to 8 students per teacher
  • Every day we go to the beach with the best waves for the surf level of our students
  • Paddling and diving technique to reach the line up
  • Positioning in the line up, searching the peak (beginning of the wave)
  • Catching a green/unbroken wave
  • Bottom turn and later top turn
  • Trimming the surfboard while riding an unbroken wave (different techniques for gaining speed, slowing down)
  • All surf instructors are beach lifeguards and FES or ISA certified
  • Videocoaching
  • Free pick up from all surf camps and all hotels in the south of Fuerteventura

Non-binding request

Hello, I'm Tine. I organize the surf school's office and plan our surf lessons together with our surf teachers. I am happy to answer your questions and send you a non-binding offer.

Surf lessons exercises and explanation ashore
paddle out into the line up
wait for the right wave
Take off on a green wave
Surf instructor and surf student on the same waves
while paddling out overcome the waves
perfect stance, small green wave
hang loose Dude
Surf student in the green wave
With wireless helmet coaching making quick progress in surfing

Surf lessons for intermediate surfers

It’s not that easy to explain what the skills of an advanced surfer are. Actually everybody who’s been in the water with a surfboard before has some experience.
That’s why we offer different courses for advanced surfers. The first course we’re offering is the intermediate surf course. This course is especially geared for people, who have done a beginner surf course before.

The aim of the intermediate surf course is the riding of an unbroken wave (green wave). The most important maneuvers are the paddling for the wave and of course the “take off”.

Christof explains you how it’s working:
"Hello I’m Christof. I’m founder of the OTRO MODO surfschool, Surfing GB surf coach and SLSA Beach Lifeguard. I have been surfing since 1999. Today I’ll explain to you how to paddle for a green wave."

How to catch a green wave

The paddling for a green wave is not that easy, because there are certain things to pay attention to. For example: The position in the water, the selection of the right wave, and of course the timing.

When you choose a suitable wave, it’s important to have the correct position on your board, because while paddling for the green wave you have to bring more weight to the front of your surfboard. Just imagine you’re paddling down a hill.
Therefore: Push your chest on the board and stretch your arms and shoulders as far as possible to the front.

The significant second is the moment where the tail of your board gets lifted up a bit by the approaching wave. Don’t stop paddling; to the contrary, you have to do at least four more powerful strokes.

If you chose the right wave and have paddled hard enough, you need to glide down the wave on your board. Take off and ride your first green wave.
At least by now, you’re totally addicted to surf.

New: Radio helmet coaching! The radio helmet coaching will be like a live video coaching, in which your surf instructor can coach you while you are actually up and riding. A great way to improve your surfing skills and learn how to surf green waves in a short time!

Surfing green waves is addictive
endless summer on Fuerteventura
happy surfers
Surfers in the line-up are waiting for the next wave
4WD on the way home after surfing

Christof's Tips:

"The choice of a suitable wave starts at the beach. You have to spot where the waves start to break. Look out for some landmarks, to keep the orientation in the water.
Even the whitewater of already broken waves gives you some hints where and how fast the wave is breaking.

You’ll need the right wave and a little bit of luck to score your first green waves, so never give up! Aloha!"

Intermediate surf course prices

Prices may vary depending on season.

*1 day surfing - surf lessons for intermediates costs 62€
3 days surfing - surf lessons for intermediates cost 168€
5 days surfing - surfing lessons for intermediates cost 260€

After 5 days of surfing lessons, each additional day of surfing lessons costs €52.

Want to surf more?
You can book our intermediate and advanced surf courses as an intensive surf course, with two surf sessions a day!
The second surf session of the day costs €45.

Semi-private course for intermediate surfers

Max. 4 surf students per surf instructor

When learning to paddle green (unbroken) waves, the first thing you have to do is paddle behind the breaking waves. Of course, our surf instructor paddles with you into the line up and explains how best to overcome the approaching white water waves. Behind the breaking line of the waves, our surf instructor helps you choose the right wave, gives you tips on paddling technique, the right position on the surfboard, explains your first manoeuvres while surfing or can give the surfboard a little push into the wave at the right moment.

The smaller the group, the more individually our surf instructor can respond to each individual surf student. This naturally increases the number of waves successfully surfed by our surf students.
As an upgrade to our "normal" surf course for advanced surfers, we offer surf courses in groups of maximum 4 surf students per surf instructor.
These courses usually take place in the low season outside school holidays.

*1 day intermediate surf course (semi-private) costs 99€
3 days intermediate surf course (semi-private) costs 279€
5 days intermediate surf course (semi-private) costs 429€

After 5 days surf course each additional day costs 85€