Surfboard and wetsuit rental on Fuerteventura

  • Rental of softboards for slightly advanced surfers
  • Rental of epoxy surfboards (hardboards)
  • Malibu, Fish and Shortboards in different thicknesses and lengths
  • Rental of wetsuits from Billabong and Ocean and Earth
  • Rental of straps and portable roof racks
  • Surfboard rental station in Morro Jable / Jandia in the south of Fuerteventura
  • On request surfboard rental in La Pared

Non-binding request

Hello, my name is Emiel. I am the head coach of the OTRO MODO surf school. Here in our office I can advise you on which surfboard suits your skills and which surf spot is best for you.

Our rental surfboards for beginners and advanced beginners

If you have not been surfing for a long time, the risk of injury is higher than if you have several years of surfing experience.
That's why we only use surfboards with a soft foam surface in our surf lessons. These surfboards are also called softboards. As beginners and slightly advanced surfers do not surf on reefs or beaches with stones in the water, the only potential source of injury is your own surfboard. If you surf with a softboard, you cannot injure yourself on your own surfboard either.

We also recommend that surfers who have already gained a little experience in surfing and now want to practice further with a softboard on a day with small to moderate waves and little current in the water themselves.

By the way, surfing with a softboard is a lot of fun, because thanks to the large volume of the boards, they glide very easily in waves and carry the surfer over the weakest sections of waves that otherwise no surfboard would push.
Even our surf instructors who are experienced surfers like to use a softboard on days with small and clean waves.

We rent softboards in different lengths:
Ocean & Earth Softboard 7ft
Ocean & Earth Softboard 7.6ft
Ocean & Earth Softboard 8ft

Our surfboard rental for advanced surfers

Due to its volcanic origin, but above all because of the countless surf spots, Fuerteventura is considered the European Hawaii. The well-known reefs for surfing are in the north of the island. The south is still a blank spot on the map for many surfers and already an insider tip for some. Yes, even here in the south of the island there are many good beaches and also reefs for surfing. We will not reveal where at this point!
Many airlines charge so much for taking your own surfboard that the cost of renting one on Fuerteventura is the same or sometimes even cheaper.

Here in the south of Fuerteventura we rent epoxy surfboards in different lengths and shapes.

Here are a few examples of the surfboards we rent out:


Rental of straps and portable roof racks

Many surf beaches on Fuerteventura are located outside large towns, be it on the lonely west coast, spread out in the picturesque bays of the east coast, or at the end of the long gravel road that begins in the south of Fuerteventura.

A rental car is therefore a necessary part of the surfing equipment for many surfers on Fuerteventura. Shortboards fit well in most rental cars, but even with minimal buses, space in the car becomes tight. Only a few rental cars have roof racks and very spontaneous surfers sometimes forget to take tension straps with them on their surf holiday.

We also rent tension straps and portable roof racks for transporting surfboards on the car roof. This way, every surfer can relax and explore other beaches on the island with their rented surfboard.

Wetsuit rental

The water temperature on Fuerteventura is moderate all year round. In summer and autumn, the water is 22 degrees to 24 degrees. In winter and spring, the water is about 20 degrees. Even on the coolest days of the year, usually at the end of January and beginning of February, the water is not colder than 18 degrees.

Depending on personal temperature sensitivity, surfers on Fuerteventura wear boardshorts and Lycra, short neoprene suits (shorties), neoprene suits with long legs and short arms (steamers) with 2mm neoprene thickness and neoprene suits with long legs and arms in 2 to 3mm thickness at different times of the year.

We rent neopre suits with short arms and legs for the summer and long arms and legs for the Canary winter from the Australian companies Billabong and Ocean and Earth.

Surfboard rental in the south of Fuerteventura in Morro Jable (near Jandia)

Morro Jable is the southernmost town on Fuerteventura. The long beaches of the southern peninsula of Jandia begin at the northern end of the cosy fishing village.
Good waves for learning to surf often break in front of the Jandia lighthouse.

With different wind and wave directions, Jandia has gentle left wind waves and short steep right waves. When there is a big swell on the west coast, one of the best waves in Fuerteventura comes to life. The "Cruz Roja", a long right wave comparable to world-class Australian point breaks, breaks over the soft sandbank on the beach of Jandia.

Further south on the island there are more secret beaches and bays to surf and of course the most beautiful beach in Fuerteventura "Cofete", whose waves and currents are comparable to French beach breaks.

The office of our surf school is located in a little frequented side street in Morro Jable. Here we rent out surfboards and wetsuits.

Surfboard rental in La Pared

(possible on request, minimum rental period three days)

The cosy surfing village of La Pared is located on the lonely west coast of Fuerteventura. The large bay with the beach "El Viejo Rey" and the neighbouring bay "Bahia" with the overgrown reef plate are well-known spots for surfers to surf.

Beginners learn their first rides on broken waves in the good-natured white water on the large beach of La Pared at low tide. Advanced surfers appreciate the different peaks of La Pared's beach break waves at high tide. With a strong swell, clean gently breaking right waves also break in the neighbouring bay "Bahia".

Because of the reliable waves in La Pared, our surf lessons often take place on the picturesque beach on the west coast.
Our Surf Villa is also located in La Pared.
On request and for a minimum of three days, we also rent out surf beds for beginners and advanced surfers in La Pared.

Requirements for surfboard rental

We only rent surfboards to surfers who have completed at least a beginner's course in surfing.
Especially in autumn and winter, the waves and currents on Fuerteventura are much stronger than in other surfing areas.
We recommend that all surfers with little experience take part in one of our surf courses for at least one or two days.

Surfboard and wetsuit rental prices

plus 50€ deposit

1 day surfboard rental costs 25€
1 day wetsuit rental costs 10€

1 week surfboard rental (7 days) costs 140€
1 week wetsuit rental (7 days) costs 50€

1 day shortboard rental (Surftech Tuflite) costs 30€

Prices for surf students who rent surf equipment from us on the days after the surf course or on Sunday:
1 day surfboard rental costs 15€
1 day wetsuit rental costs 5€
1 day shortboard rental (Surftech Tuflite) costs 25€