OTRO MODO surf camp Fuerteventura FAQ


Are there certain arrival days and are there fixed starting days for the surfing course?
No. You can arrive on any day and start the surf course on any day.

What is the average age of the guests?
The average age of our guests is from beginning / middle 20 to middle / end 30. For holiday periods and semester break times, the guests are a little younger otherwise rather older.

Are there many other single travelers?
We often have traveling guests alone, so our accommodations are all side by side in the same facility so you can do some surfing with the other guests. We also do something together with our guests several times a week.

From which countries do the other guests come?
Our guests come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Italy, Scandinavia, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic


What is the weather like on Fuerteventura?
Fuerteventura has a rain probability of statistically 5 days a year.
The coldest time is February. In February, the weather is 20 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night, as in Germany in May / June.
In the summer, the constant trade wind from the northeast temperatures are at a constant 25 to 28 degrees.
The warmest days are in late spring and early autumn, when the wind stops, temperatures rise to 30 degrees.

How warm is the water on Fuerteventura?
In summer, the temperature of Fuerteventura's water is 24 degrees, and in winter it is 18 degrees.

Is there sharks on Fuerteventura?

What else can you do but surf on Fuerteventura?
Fuerteventura is a water sports and outdoor paradise.
Surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, wakeboarding, sandboarding, diving, quad biking, mountain biking and much more.

When is the best time to party in Fuerteventura?
During the high season in summer, at Christmas and New Year's Eve and at Easter.
Also in February / March for Carnival and in July during the Windsurf World Cup.

Where can I buy cheap surfboards or wetsuits on Fuerteventura?
Getting cheap surf on Fuerteventura is not easy, as all products are imported to the island and are more expensive than on the mainland because of the expense. In our OTRO MODO shops in Jandia and Morro Jable Surftech surfboards, Billabong wetsuits and Billabong and OTRO MODO clothing.

Surf course

Where does the surf lesson take place?
All surf courses, beginners and advanced, take place on Fuerteventura. In all surf courses, different surfing spots are approached according to the wave and wind conditions. We drive every day to the surf spot, which is best suited for the surf level of our guests.
When surf guiding we also drive to the neighboring island of Lanzarote, La Graciosa or Los Lobos.

Can I choose to book the surf course on Fuerteventura or Lanzarote?
No. Our surfcamps are located in Morro Jable and Costa Calma on Fuerteventura.

Is surfing dangerous?
No. All our surf instructors are licensed by the BSA (Bristish Surfing Association) or ASA (Australia Surfing Association). Each surf instructor is also a licensed Beach Lifeguard by the SLSA (Surf Life Saving Association).
Surfing is safe under the guidance of an experienced and trained surf instructor.

What do I need for the surf course?
Beach clothes: swimming trunks, bathing suit, bikini under the wetsuit, towel, sunscreen, water.

How long is the surfing course?
The surf course lasts 5 hours daily, including transfer.

What services does the surfing course include?
6 participants per course; 5 hours of lessons per day; All surf instructors are licensed (SLSA) Beach Lifeguards and (BSA); Surfing gear (wetsuits from Billabong, surfboards from NSP and Surftech etc.). Every day the most suitable beach for the surf level of the group is approached; Transfer from and to your accommodation; Video recordings with motion analysis; insurance

In which language is the surf lesson held?
The surf course is held in German, English, Spanish.

Is the transfer included in the surfing course?
All transfers from the hotel and to the surf beach are included in the price.

I have already completed a beginner surf course, what does the advanced course course include?
We offer several advanced surf lessons. Advanced Beginner - for surfers who have already completed a beginner surf course and now want to learn to surf in green waves. Advanced Advanced - for surfers who are already surfing in green waves and want to learn new maneuvers, or want to improve their maneuvers.
All surf lessons include video analysis.
Since we teach only small groups and therefore can respond individually to our surfing students, we discuss - in addition to our surfing program - after the first surf with our advanced surfing students, what they already know and what they want to learn next. So every advanced surfer has his own individual syllabus.

When is the best time for a beginner surf course?
As we drive daily to the surfing beach, which has the best surfing conditions for our surfing students, every season on Fuerteventura is perfect for surfing.

When is the best time for an advanced surfing course?
As we drive daily to the surfing beach, which has the best conditions for the surfing level of our surfing students, every season on Fuerteventura is suitable for an advanced surfing course. If you have been surfing longer and want to surf the reef on your advanced surf course, the best time is October through April.

When is the best time for a surf guiding?
Surf Guiding is only offered in certain periods. The dates are on our website under the heading Surf Guiding.

What is the difference between a surf guiding and an advanced surfing course?
Surfguiding we stay several times a week directly at the surf spot and visit another island.
The Advanced Surf Course will also drive to the best spots on the island, but it will not be spent on the spot. In addition, no trips to other islands are offered.

When can I book an advanced surf course?
We organize different advanced courses.
If you have already completed a beginner surf course, then we recommend the advanced beginner surf course. This surf course is especially for surfers who want to learn how to surf green waves after their first whitewater waves in beginner surf lessons. Because our surf school has a very small teacher-student key, we are also able to tailor each student individually and provide surfers with the curriculum that suits them best.

When are the best waves on Fuerteventura?
In principle, there are always good waves on Fuerteventura. There are different spots for each season which have the best waves.
If you want to surf the reefs of Fuerteventura, the best time to do so is from October to April.

I would like to suggest a different number of surfing days than in the complete package, is that possible?
No problem! Write us how many days you want to do your surfing course and we will put together your own personal course package.

At what age are children allowed to take part in the surf class?
We teach children from 7 years. So that children can be safely taught the surf course needs to be planned more carefully and more staff is needed, so we do not offer a discount for children.

Is the transfer to the surf spots included in the course price?
All transfers are included in the price.

Can I bring my own surfing equipment?
No problem. Ask for a discount if you use your own surf gear.

Can I also use the surf material after the course times?
No problem, during your Surfkurstage you can continue at any time after the course on the beach house.

Can I surf the house beach on a day without surfing?
Of course, you can borrow a board from us in the shop.

How much is the rental of surfing equipment?
If you are no longer with us in the surf course, the rental of board and suit costs 10 euros per day.

Surf camps

Is there a shared kitchen at Casa Alberto in Morro Jable?
There is no shared kitchen at Casa Alberto, as each room has a small kitchen. For an additional charge you can book the breakfast and dinner. We work with a small Spanish café / restaurant, 2 minutes walk from Casa Alberto, where you can have breakfast and / or hot dinner daily.

Are there shared bathrooms?
No, in all our studios, apartments, bungalows there is a bathroom with shower and toilet.

Do I have to bring sheets or a sleeping bag?
No. All our accommodations have bedding, sheets and towels. In addition, bedding, linen and towels are changed regularly by the cleaning lady.

Do I have to bring towels?
In all our accommodations there are towels. Only for the beach you should bring a large towel. In all accommodation it may happen that there are no kitchen towels for the kitchen.

How does the airport transfer work?
Our complete packages (surf lessons and accommodation) include the organization of the airport transfer. The organization of the airport transfer is free. Unfortunately, we can not carry out the airport transfer ourselves because it is unlawful in the Canary Islands and punishable with a fine of several thousand euros. Only taxi drivers, public buses and major tour operators are allowed to provide airport transfer.
The airport of Fuerteventura (Puerto del Rosario) is about 60 km away from our surf camps in Costa Calma and Morro Jable. A taxi from the airport to Costa Calma or Morro Jable costs from 80, - Euro. The public buses run only every two hours.
Because we want our guests to get to us quickly and cheaply, we work with all local tour operators (TUI, Neckermann, Schauinsland, etc.) to offer a safe and comfortable airport transfer. The transfer costs about 21, - Euro per person to Morro Jable / Jandia and about 17, - Euro to Costa Calma.
Upon your arrival, please go to any counter and ask for transfer to any hotel in Costa Calma, Jandia or Morro Jable.
The local colleagues will issue you a ticket and tell you exactly which bus you need to go to and at which hotel you get off again. All tour guides speak German. Please pick up the ticket carefully, because we will need it later to settle the transfer.
So that we know where and when we will pick you up, please give us a call or send us a text message when you are sitting in the bus.
Here we come to pick you up from the bus, then drive with you a little round through the town and show you where you can eat and shop, how it goes to the beach and tell you when the surfing begins the next day.
Then we bring you to your accommodation.
Should there be any problems with the organization of the transfer, please call us at:
0034 675 170 004 (OTRO MODO office Berlin Tine) or
0034 691 165 597 (OTRO MODO office Fuerteventura).
Please do not forget to send us your flight details (arrival time and flight number). Please also send us your mobile number and your flight details, if we should miss here on the spot (do not worry never happened :)).

I only want to take a surf lesson for a week, but stay longer in the accommodation, is that possible?
This is not a problem. Ask for a price quote for your extension week without a course.

My friend / girlfriend does not do a surfing course can he / she still live in the surf camp?
This is not a problem. Ask for a price quote for your escort.

My friend / girlfriend does not do a surfing course can he / she still go to the surf beach?
If there is room in our cars, no problem at all. We can not guarantee the transport, but so far it has worked even in the main season.

Is there a TV in the accommodation, if so with which programs?
In our Casa Alberto and our bungalows there is a TV with German and Spanish TV channels.

Is there internet access in the accommodation?
In some of the accommodations there is a fixed computer where you can use the Internet for a fee. In our office in Morro Jable we have W-LAN and a laptop, with which you can check your mails for free and watch the latest Surforcasts.

Is the cleaning of the accommodation included in the price?
The cleaning of the accommodations is included in the price. There are no additional costs for cleaning or final cleaning.

I already have accommodation, but can I still take the surf course?
You are welcome to take part in the surf course. We will pick you up for surf lessons from all hotels in the south of Fuerteventura (Costa Calma, Butihondo, Esquinzo, Jandia and Morro Jable).

Are there accommodations for families and groups?
We arrange many different accommodations, also for groups and families, for example apartments for three to four people, bungalows with several bedrooms and holiday homes.
From six people we give a group discount on the surf course.

Is there a board?
The catering in all accommodation in Costa Calma is self-catering. At Casa Alberto in Morro Jable, half-board is included in the price.

Is there a supermarket near the accommodation?
Near all accommodation (5 minutes walk) there are cheap supermarkets.

Are there any restaurants near the accommodations?
Near all accommodation (5 minutes walk) there are several restaurants.

How is the nightlife on Fuerteventura?
In the main season there is always something going on, in the low season the days off Thursday and Saturday. Both in Morro Jable and Costa Calma there are various discos and bars where you can end the day together.

How much is the cost of living / food on Fuerteventura?
Since cheap supermarkets are in the nourishing environment - not much more than in Germany. There are also some cheap and delicious restaurants, in our guest information you get locally from us, you will find examples.

Is it possible to rent cars on site?
Yes. We have put together for you cheap car rental. Information can be found in our guest information or just ask us.

Can you rent bicycles on site?
Yes. In our office in Morro Jable we have beachcruiser bikes that you can borrow for 5 euros a day.

Surf & More

Where does the Spanish course take place?
The Spanish course takes place in the office or in your accommodation. You are also welcome to make other meeting places with our Spanish teacher.

When does the Spanish course take place?
The Spanish course takes place either before or after the surf course and can be booked all year round.

How much is the Spanish course?
One hour lesson costs 15 Euro per person and has to be paid directly to the teacher.

How many participants does the Spanish course have?
The Spanish course takes place only in small groups, maximum 5 people.

Where does the yoga take place?
The yoga class takes place either in the rooms of the yoga teacher or on the beach.
We do this very flexibly on site.

How much does yoga cost?
A yoga class costs 15 euros and is payable directly to the teacher.

Are surf lessons and / or yoga or Spanish courses overlapping in time?
No, there will be a course in the morning and the other one in the afternoon, as the teachers are flexible, we can always arrange the courses so that they will not overlap.


How does the booking work?
Send us an email via the contact form on our website with your desired travel period.
We answer all inquiries daily and send you information material and prices. Of course you can also call us:
+49 (0) 30 415 08 70 0 (Berlin office 9:00 - 19:00)
+34 675 170 004 (Fuerteventura office 9:00 - 12:00 and 17:00 - 20:00).
As soon as you know which surf camp you want to book at which date you only need to book the flight. We will add you to our booking system and take care of the reservation of the accommodation and the organization of the airport transfer.

When do I have to pay for the surfcamp, the surfing course?
If the surfcamp or the surf class book, you will receive a booking confirmation from us. After you have transferred a deposit to our account, your booking is valid with us. The remainder of the money, please transfer to our account no later than 14 days before departure.

Who is my contact for the booking?
Your contact persons for the booking are Tine and Christof.

Flight booking

Can I book my flight via OTRO MODO Surfschool?
As we are only a small tour operator we unfortunately do not arrange flights.
We are happy to help you find a cheap flight. Send us your travel period and the departure airports that are suitable for you.

Which airlines fly to Fuerteventura?
You can fly to Fuerteventura with Condor, Norwegian, Air Berlin, Tui Fly, Happag Lloyd, Iberia, Ryanair, LTU, Easy Jet or Spain Air. From Switzerland you can also fly Edelweiss and from Austria Nicki.

Where can I book cheap flights?
It is worthwhile to look for special offers early on. Condor regularly offers "fly prices".
It's also worth checking out major air travel portals, such as www.google.com/flights/; www.billigflieger.de; www.flug.de; www.opodo.de; www.flug.idealo.de or www.ltur.de etc. as these usually buy larger ticket contingents and therefore can offer flights very cheap.
It is also always very flexible to be on the travel date, because there are often on different days of the week different expensive / cheap flights. The cheapest flights are often the flights that start very early, for example at 6 o'clock in the morning.
Tip: Subscribe to the newsletter of the airlines, so you know exactly when the next discount promotion for cheap tickets starts. Lastminute offers are rare.

When / How long in advance is it best to book the flight?
Since all airlines offer different price ranges per plane, the earlier the cheaper the flight, because the cheapest seats are the ones that are sold first.
Lastminute offers are rare.
In addition, there are always cheap offers and promotions, for example, "fly prices at the Condor".

I would like to take my surfboard to Fuerteventura. Is that possible?
Of course, you just have to register it as sports baggage with the airline.
On average, between 15 and 30 euros per way calculated.

At what time of the year / in which month are the cheapest flights available?
The cheapest flights are usually in low season, for example, outside school holidays.
Tip: In your state at the time of travel are currently school holidays and the flight is expensive? Book a flight from an airport in a federal state where there are no school holidays at the time of travel. With the "Rail and Fly" ticket of the train you will arrive at the airport.