Our surf spots in Fuerteventura - The most beautiful beaches in the south

Some surfers still believe that you can't surf in the south of Fuerteventura. However, there is no rational reason for this claim. Many surf spots on Fuerteventura are located in the south.
Fuerteventura has a wave window of more than 180 degrees. This means that you can find surf spots on almost all coasts and beaches of the island where waves break regularly.

At most of the surf spots in Fuerteventura, the waves come from a northerly to westerly direction. These waves are created by low pressure areas far away in the North Atlantic. The energy of the wind from these low pressure areas is absorbed by the water surface, travels thousands of kilometres across the Atlantic and arranges itself into clean swells. When this swell, also called " groundswell" in surfing language, hits the coast of Fuerteventura, beautiful waves break at the surf spots.

Obviously, on an island that is only about 100 kilometres long, these waves do not break differently in the north and south.

La Pared, Surfer village in Fuerteventura
Stairs to the surf spot in Fuerteventura
Surfing on a surf spot in Fuerteventura
Bahia, surf spot in Fuerteventura
Surfer on a surf spot in Fuerteventura

Thanks to our Land Rover Defender, our surf students can surf even on remote beaches

Two popular surf spots in Fuerteventura in the south on the west coast are Playa El Viejo Rey beach in La Pared and Playa Garcey beach, where there are still remains of the American Star shipwreck.
At La Pared beach we often give courses for beginners and advanced surfers. Thanks to our Landrover Defender, we can also give courses at the wind-protected beach of Playa Garcey. Especially in summer, the waves here are often more orderly than at other beaches on the west coast.

A special feature of the surf spots in Fuerteventura are the two beaches Esquinzo and Jandia. The island of Fuerteventura got its name from the strong winds. "Fuerte", in German "stark", and "ventura", in German "Wind". This strong wind is not only popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers. Wave riders enjoy the wind waves created by the strong wind, especially in summer. Thanks to the geography of the southern peninsula of Fuerteventura, these wind waves break onto the beaches in the south-east of the island with offshore winds at the same time. This means there are orderly small waves that are great for surfing.

Sunset in La Pared
Istmo de La Pared towards Cofete
Surfing during sunset in La Pared
Sunset surf spot in Fuerteventura
Surf spot El Viejo Rey in Fuerteventura

In summer, clean small waves break in Esquinzo and Jandia with offshore wind

Especially in summer, we often take our surf students to the Fuerteventura surf spots of Esquinzo or Jandia.
In addition, waves often break at the Jandia surf spot when the waves on the west coast of the island are too big and therefore no longer surfable.

There are many other beaches and reefs for surfing in the south of Fuerteventura. For example, Cofete beach, which is the longest beach in Fuerteventura. This place is also one of the most remote surf spots in Fuerteventura.

Atlas squirrel on Fuerteventura
Surf spot in Fuerteventura, La Pared
Sand dune in Fuerteventura
Boats in the Atlantic ocean
Desert flowers on Fuerteventura