The most beautiful places in the south of Fuerteventura

The south of Fuerteventura refers to all the places on the southern peninsula of Fuerteventura. The peninsula begins at the narrowest point of Fuerteventura at the towns of La Pared on the west coast and Costa Calma on the east coast.

From the west coast of Fuerteventura, which is popular amongst surfers, with its powerful waves, it is only about 5 kilometres to the quiet east coast. This is also the reason for the name of the well-known tourist resort Costa Calma (= calm coast).

According to a legend, there was once a wall at La Pared that separated the northern kingdom of the island from the southern kingdom. The names of the two parts of the island have survived to this day. The northern peninsula of Fuerteventura is called Maxorata and the southern peninsula Jandia.

This is where the name of the famous beaches in the south of Fuerteventura, Playas de Jandia, comes from, which is also the name of the southernmost tourist village in Fuerteventura.

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The south of Fuerteventura belongs to the municipality of Pajara

Fuerteventura is divided into several municipalities. The entire south of Fuerteventura belongs to the municipality of Pajara. Northwest of La Pared in the inner part of the island lies the town named after it, Pajara. This is where the town hall and the administrative headquarters of the municipality are located.

Among the largest and best-known places in the municipality in the south of Fuerteventura are the two tourist towns of Costa Calma and Jandia. Besides the romantic fishing village of Morro Jable and the small surfer village of La Pared, there is also the tourist quarter of Esquinzo, the charming village of La Lajita and various small villages in the northwest of Pajara, such as Cardon, Toto, and many more.

Particularly worth mentioning are the two villages of Ajuy and Punta Jandia. Ajuy is located in the northwest of the municipality of Pajara. Here there are large natural caves that were washed into the rock by the sea and possibly once served as hiding places for pirates. Punta Jandia is at the other end of the municipality of Pajara, at the most south-westerly end of Fuerteventura. Here you really have the feeling of being at the end of the world. The small village directly by the sea can only be reached via a 16 kilometre long gravel road. There are also two very good fish restaurants located here.

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You can stay in the surf camp in Morro Jable or at the surf villa in La Pared

We have written individual articles for the most famous places in the south of Fuerteventura. Here you will learn everything about the history and sights as well as tips for eating, shopping and leisure activities in La Pared, Costa Calma, Jandia and Morro Jable.

Our comfortable Surf Villa is also located in La Pared. Here you will find a very famous beach for surfing, next to it a small bay with another surf spot and a very good restaurant.

In the charming fishing village of Morro Jable you will find the small family-run apartment house by the sea and the cosy hostel where our surfers are accommodated.

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