Surf Camp in Fuerteventura: Learn to surf with OTRO MODO Surf School!

The Canary Islands offer optimal conditions for learning how to surf all year-round. Our surf school runs surf camps and surf courses for beginners and advanced surfers as well as for families on Fuerteventura. We're looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm for surfing and showing your the fantastic beaches of Fuerteventura. Aloha!

Learn how to surf with OTRO MODO Surf Camp

Hello, I am Christof, I founded the OTRO MODO Surf Camp in Fuerteventura in 2007. "OTRO MODO” is Spanish and means “the different way”. OTRO MODO this is us, this is our way to live. OTRO MODO is more than a name it's our philosophy!

Hi, I am Tine, I organize the surf camps office since 2010.
Every one of us has different motivations to live this different lifestyle. But one thing we all have in common: The love for the ocean. The elemental force, dimension, mystic and eternity of the ocean inspires people to dream and to go beyond their limits at all times.

Hello, I am Emiel, I am surf instructor and head coach at OTRO MODO since 2018.
The ocean has always inspired people. Old stories and legends, the eternal power and beauty and the infinite blue. The ocean seems to be one of the few things that are endless, mysterious and unpredictable. Things we need to dream and grow beyond ourselves.

From all the water sports none is more elemental, pure and bonded closer to the energy of the ocean than surfing. We from OTRO MODO made our decision. This is our life. The Ocean is our life. We are:

We are not a big travel company, we are people who follow their passion. We want to share our passion with you.

We want you, regardless of your age, your surfing experience and skill, to enjoy surfing and learn how to surf as fast as possible and all this with maximum safety!

Maximum fun while learning to surf

How do we achieve these goals?
Our surf lessons are based on years of experience and the modern teaching methods of the British Surfing Association (BSA). Our courses are designed by sport scientists. We are also constantly monitoring the quality of the lessons to make them even better.

Every day we choose the surf beach based on your surfing skills. Only optimal wave and wind conditions according to your level of surfing let you advance in learning how to surf. Thanks to our daily surf spot guiding you get to know more about Fuerteventura and its people.

To coach every student individually and according to their needs and desires, our surf coaches are always in the water with our surf students, no matter if they are beginner, intermediate or advanced surfers.

Our surf equipment at OTRO MODO Surfcamp

We've got a big range of new and modern surfing equipment (Billabong wetsuits, NSP and Surftech surfboards, etc.), to be able to give every surfer the surf material which fits best to their needs.

All our surf coaches are certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA). They are also qualified lifeguards certified with the Surf Life Saving Association (SLSA). Every Coach has a minimum of 2 years experience in teaching how to surf.

Our coaches are highly motivated, for every one of them surfing is more than just a sport. It's a passion, a life spirit, a life style! That means more than riding a wave, it is the fun of discovering new places, having adventures, meeting a lot of people and making friends around the globe. We want you to become a part of it!

What are our strengths?
Apart from the beginner's course, our surf camp & surf school in Fuerteventura is specialised in intermediate and advanced surf lessons and surf guiding. The advanced lessons - often neglected from other surfschools - are our strengths!

You want to stand up on a surfboard and ride a wave but have never surfed before?
Our surf courses are based on sensible structured learning steps which build on each other and guarantee a comfortable and safe start to surfing.

Surf courses at the surf camp in Fuerteventura

For us, the most important thing is that you have fun in the water and surf your first wave. That's why we focus so much on small groups. Our instructor to student ratio is 1 to 6. This allows us to treat each student individually and you will learn your first take offs easily and usually on the first day!

You already had some surf lessons and have surfed your first white water waves but want more?
You are already surfing green waves but don't have enough drive for your first turns?
You have only got one week of holiday and you want to surf as much as possible, but you don't know where to go? In this case we recommend you our intermediate or advanced surf course!

We only assign surf coaches that are certified for advanced lessons (min. BSA Level 2 Instructor). They also have at least 3 years experience specifically in teaching advanced surfers.
From paddling out to the line up to your first turn, we accompany you in our surf courses with practice and theory.

Take your surfing to the next level: with video coaching

It is essential for the advanced surf course: video coaching. Our surf courses include at least two detailed video coaching sessions. Whether you are a beginner or a surfing pro - with slow-motion movement correction, every surfer will make tremendous progress in learning to surf in the shortest possible time!

To ensure that theory lessons are not neglected in our surf courses, every surf student receives a free Take Off surf theory booklet from us. It provides you with important basic knowledge about currents, tides, waves, wind, surfing technique, materials, wave formation and wave forecasts. We will send you a copy as a PDF file when you make your booking so that you can get in the mood already at home for your surfing holiday.

In addition, at least once a week in the evening we organise an extra theory lesson on tides, currents, wind, wave formation, surfing technique, environmental protection, sustainability and much more at our office in Morro Jable.

Quality over quantity

We are constantly checking the quality of our surf lessons, for example with our feedback sheets. We want your opinion after the surf lessons, so that we can improve and to ensure you have the best possible time in our Surf Camp and Surf School in Fuerteventura.

New: Radio helmet coaching!

Now also available with us: Radio helmet coaching! With radio helmet coaching, our surf coach can give you specific tips and instructions while you are surfing the wave. This makes it super easy to learn the right movements for turns and difficult manoeuvres!

All our surf courses include surf equipment (wetsuits from Billabong, surfboards from NSP and Surftech etc.), theory and practice surf lessons, video coaching, spot transfer, free pick up service from your accommodation and of course insurance.

Looking for an unforgettable surfing experience?

Then our Fuerteventura surf camp is the right place for you! The Otro Modo surf camp is located on the beautiful Canary Island of Fuerteventura in the south. This coastal region offers the perfect combination of exciting waves and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. At a surf camp, you can learn to surf together with many surfing enthusiasts. You can also share and exchange surfing experiences after an eventful day of surfing.

We believe that a successful surfing holiday requires a surf camp where you feel completely at ease and at home. This includes a quiet location, well-kept facilities, a short walk to the beach, small boutiques, cosy restaurants, fishermen's pubs and a disco to end the day with a delicious meal and Spanish music. We offer different surf camps to suit every taste and budget.

Our Fuerteventura surf camp is aimed at surfers of all levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. Our experienced and certified surf instructors will give you personalised lessons during your surf course. This allows you to make rapid progress in the water and surf more and more waves. Whether you want to catch your first wave or learn advanced manoeuvres, our surf coaches are always there to help you.

Our surf camp Fuerteventura provides you with all the equipment you need to learn to surf. This includes surfboards and sustainable wetsuits from Billabong to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful surfing experience. We also offer video analyses on request, which you can use to check and improve your surfing technique.

When you're not in the water, our surf camp offers a range of activities on land. Relax and ground yourself with beach yoga, go on a boat trip or enjoy delicious meals together over dinner in traditional restaurants.

The accommodation at our Fuerteventura surf camp is comfortable and cosy. They offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind after an exciting day of surfing. No matter which of our surf camps you choose, you will have access to all the amenities it provides and that you need for a relaxing stay.

Join us and don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable surf holiday at Otro Modo Surfcamp Fuerteventura!

Beach Cleaning at one of our favourite surf beaches
Billabong wetsuits made from recycled material
Sation for turtles in the harbour of Morro Jable
Solar panels are installed on the roof of our Surf Villa
Surfcamp with climate-neutral energy supply through own photovoltaic system

Learning to surf in a sustainable way

  • Wetsuits made from recycled material
  • Climate-neutral accommodation thanks to solar energy
  • Cooperation with local partners
  • Regular beach cleans
  • Possibility to offset the holiday climate neutrally via Atmosfair
  • Raising awareness for the protection of the oceans

Surfing is a sport that takes place in nature and would not exist without it. There are few sports where you can feel the energy and power of the ocean as directly as in surfing.  As surfers, we feel a deep humility, respect and gratitude towards the ocean, as it provides us with the waves and thus fills our lives with so much joy.

Of course, we surfers are especially motivated when it comes to environment and sustainability as well as protecting our big blue playground. That's why we always try to make our surfing students aware of the need to protect the oceans. In addition, we also implement very concrete measures in the process and organisation of our surf courses and surf camps on Fuerteventura.

For more than 10 years, we have been organising beach cleanings. For our surf school, we only use wetsuits made from recycled materials. We order these sustainably produced wetsuits from our partner Billabong.

Our surf students also have the option of compensating their holiday with the CO₂-neutral start-up Atmosfair.

And do you already know our beautiful Surf Villa in La Pared? All the electricity we use on this property is produced completely self-sufficiently by our own photovoltaic system.

Non-binding request

Do you have any questions about our surf courses or surf camps? Would you like a non-binding offer?
I will be happy to advise you and help you with your booking.