Surf lessons for families in Fuerteventura

Kai  Best surf course for the whole family!

  • Official surf school of the local government
  • 4 1/2h surf course daily (including beach transfer)
  • Personal care in small groups
  • Surf lessons with other families or for one family with a private surf instructor
  • On request childcare on the beach for families with baby or toddler
  • Kids wetsuit with long arms and legs from Billabong
  • Child-friendly surfboards made of soft foam
  • Surf helmets with soft neoprene coating for children under 10 years of age
  • All surf instructors are beach lifeguards and FES, Surfing GB or ISA certified
  • Every day we go to the beach with the best waves for our students surfing level
  • Largest selection of different surf beaches thanks to 4WD fleet (Landrover)
  • Video coaching, GoPro rental
  • Free pick up service to the surf lessons from the surf camp and all Hotels in the south of Fuerteventuras

Non-binding request

Hello, I am Tine. I live with my family in Morro Jable. I organise the office of the OTRO MODO surf school. I'm happy to answer you questions and send you a non-binding offer.

beach shuttle
Family on the beach on the way to surf
Warm-up exercises on the beach
Short and easy to understand explanations on the beach
Don't forget to wear a helmet
the surf instructor chooses the right wave
Surf instructor helps with the take off
Take Off
Surf dad with surf daughter
happy surfer family
Father and son in surfing class
surf games to warm up
totally surf addicted
little surfer waits for the next wave
Hang Loose

Our surf courses for families

Hi, I'm Derek. I'm responsible for the children's and family surf courses at OTRO MODO.
The sea and surfing are my passion. Even as a child, the beach and waves were my adventure playground. Now I would like to share my enthusiasm for surfing with you, because even as an adult, surfing is the source of motivation and joy for me.

We offer surf lessons for families with children and teenagers all year round.
During the school holidays, we also offer the possibility for families (with three to five members) to be accompanied and taught exclusively by their own "private" surf instructor.

We also have two surf course models especially for families with small children where the children are looked after on the beach during the course or the parents share the surf course.

We pick up our families from their hotel or accommodation for the surf course. Of course we have extra child seats for our surf course kids in the car.

For surfing, you only need a surfboard and a wetsuit when it gets chilly. Set-up and use are child's play and require only a brief explanation.
To protect them from the sun and cold, we have child-sized wetsuits with long legs and arms.
Of course, we only provide children with lightweight surfboards with a soft foam surface to prevent unlikely injuries.

For children under 12 years, there is an additional lightweight and flexible helmet. The surf helmet has a cover made of soft neoprene and is comfortable to wear. This way, our little surfers are better protected from possible collisions with their own surfboard. In addition, the helmet also protects against the strong Canarian sun.

Every day we go to the beach that offers the best conditions for surfing for families with children. Of course these are only beaches with soft sand, little current and small waves.

It is always impressive to see how playfully children learn new movements. In the family surf course, we therefore place particular emphasis on the practical part in the water, so that the young and adult surfers have enough time together in the waves.
To achieve this, we shorten the theoretical part of the surf course a little without neglecting the necessary rules for safety with the surfboard in the water.
In short and simple steps, we first explain the take off movement on the surfboard with dry runs on land and later in the water.
Then it's off into the waves with the surf instructor. Our surf instructor will help you choose the waves, give the surfboard a little push so that it glides smoothly into the wave and of course improve your surfing technique.

Family Surf Course Prices

Prices may vary depending on the season.

*1 day family surf course costs 62€
3 days family surf course costs 168€
5 days family surf course costs 260€.

After 5 days surf course each additional surf course day costs 52€.

Price for private surf course for families

For families with 3 to 5 members

For families with three to five members, we offer the possibility to book the surf course as a private family surf course. This means that the family has its own surf instructor for the duration of the course who exclusively teaches and looks after the family members.
In this way, the parents have more time to surf themselves, because the surf instructor can respond much more individually to the needs of their children.
Above all, the shared experience of surfing and playing with the waves is so much more intimate and intense for the family.

*1 day family private surf course costs 109€
3 days family private surf course costs 299€
5 days family private surf course costs 449€

After 5 days surf course each additional day costs 89€.

Family with small children on the surf beach
Mum is surfing, dad is watching the child
Childcare on the beach
Boogie boarding under supervision while parents are at surf lessons
Spend time as a couple while child is cared for at the beach
Children watch surfing lessons
Toddler discovers surfboard
Beach kid
Mother after surfing

Surf course for young families on request with childcare on the beach

  • We organise childcare on the beach for the surf course
  • Two people share a place in the surf course and only pay for one surf course, so the child can be looked after alternately on the beach

Hello, I'm Christof. I am the founder of OTRO MODO Surfschool. I have two children and live with my family in Morro Jable.
Also for children under 7 years the beach and sea are a great playground. Especially right here small children need constant care and protection.
For many young mothers and fathers, it is not easy to practice sports while and take care of the family at the same time. It is even more difficult for single parents or those travelling alone to go surfing or take part in a surfing course.

That is why we offer young families, mothers and fathers the following opportunities to surf with us:

For an extra charge, we organise childcare on the beach. This way, both parents or the single mother or father can take part in the surf course. We establish contact with our team member or freelancer before arrival and the start of the surf course, so that parents and childcare can get to know each other and exchange information in advance. For childcare during the surf course, we bring a windbreak, parasol and toys to the beach.

The second option - booking a surf course place and sharing it - is great for parents with babies.
Both parents take part in our safety instructions, theory lessons and practice exercises on land. In the water the parents change. Therefore surfing is possible for both parents and the children are always cared for by their mother or father.

Requirement for that is private rental car, which can be rented on Fuerteventura up from 15€ per day.
A rental car offers further advantages. The sun in the Canary Islands is very intense year round.

On many beaches there are no shady places, restaurants or toilets. Due to the presence of the surf course group we are teaching, we can not leave the beach at any time. Umbrellas can help, but do not stop sunlight and heat permanently. With the rental car you can adapt to the needs of the children and leave the beach earlier. If the remaining parent want to continue surfing, we always guarantee you a free place in our surf school's car.

Prices for the surf course for families with small children

incl. childcare on the beach or shared surf course

*1 day shared surf course (for families with toddler or infant) costs 62€
3 days shared surf course (for families with toddler or infant) costs 168€
5 days shared surf course (for families with toddler or infant) costs 260€

1 x 3,5 hours childcare at the beach costs 30€

I will be happy to advise you on the right course and, if you wish, help you organise childcare on the beach for the duration of the surf course.