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Hello, I'm Tine. I have been living on Fuerteventura for more than 15 years, and during this time I have often flown with my family from various cities on the european mainland to the Canary Islands. So I have gained some experience in finding cheap flights. As a small tour operator, OTRO MODO Surfcamp cannot sell flights to you. Thanks to the many personal flight searches, I can use my experience to help you find cheap flights to Fuerteventura.

Our free flight search service

The bottleneck for many journeys is often the flight. Nowadays, it is not easy to find the right flight. Flight schedules are constantly changing, new connections are added, old connections are cancelled. This is exactly where we come in with our free flight search service and find the best flight to Fuerteventura surf camp for you.

Our surf camps on Fuerteventura

Our favourite surf camps on Fuerteventura offer unique experiences and are tailored to different budgets, tastes and needs.
The surf camp in Morro Jable is located in a charming fishing village that has not yet been overrun by mass tourism. Here you can experience warm Spanish hospitality, stay in flats just 150 metres from the sea and relax in the swimming pool with sea views.

Our second surf camp is the family surf camp in Morro Jable with childcare for single parents and special surf courses for children and families.

The third surf camp is the luxurious surf villa in La Pared, on the wild west coast. The villa has a large pool, a sauna, a fireplace and is just a few minutes' walk from one of Fuerteventura's most famous surf beaches.

Why use our flight search service?

We have a lot of experience in finding cheap flights to Fuerteventura. Our team and I are often surprised ourselves at how often a cheap flight to Fuerteventura can be found. It's often worth being a little flexible and looking for flights from airports that are a little further away but easily accessible by train.

What we need from you

  • Travel period: The more flexible you are, the better we can search for you.
  • Place of residence: So that we can find the best departure options near you.
  • Maximum journey to the airport: Tell us how far you are prepared to travel to catch the best flight.

Tips for your flight search

  • Flexibility: If you can keep your travel dates flexible, your chances of finding cheaper flights increase.
  • Alternative airports: It may be worth taking the train to an airport in a neighbouring federal state.
  • Connecting flights: Sometimes connections with a change of flights are cheaper or more conveniently timed. Let us know if you are willing to consider this option.

How it works

  • 1. fill out the form: Give us the necessary information about your travel period, place of residence and your preferences regarding proximity to the airport and connecting flights.
  • 2. our search: We search the available flight connections for you and find the best options.
  • 3. receive results: We will provide you with an overview of the best flight options that match your criteria.

With our free flight search service, you not only save time, but also find the best and cheapest flights for your dream holiday to Fuerteventura. Simply fill out our form and we'll do the rest.

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