The best hikes for surfers in La Pared in Fuerteventura

Inland residents in traditional clothing
Stone houses in the hinterland

Today there are two tips for great hikes for surfers on days with little waves or for relaxing after surfing.

Hello nature friends,

In one of the previous blog articles I already wrote about hiking on Fuerteventura.
Many holidaymakers who have already been to Fuerteventura will now be amazed that one can hike well on Fuerteventura. The normal images that you automatically have in your head when you think about hiking have nothing to do with the landscape of Fuerteventura. One thinks of green forests, high mountains, lonely peaks and small clean streams. When you come to Fuerteventura, the first thing that comes to mind is the barren landscape and endless beaches with blue water.

But Fuerteventura has more to offer in terms of landscape than meets the eye and the barren hinterland has some surprises in store.

For us surfers, discovering new beaches and waves is an essential part of our sport. We are often on lonely beaches and with little equipment compared to other water sports, we put ourselves in the hands of the ocean and nature.

Discovering the landscape behind the beaches and exploring on foot is quite natural and serves to compensate for long days of surfing or days with little waves. It is not uncommon to discover new beaches and sometimes even one or the other surf spot on such hikes.

Here are two hikes for surfers who live in La Pared in the south of Fuerteventura:

Hike to the rock spring at the holy mountain Cardon

From our villa in La Pared, if you look north, you can see a striking mountain. This mountain is the Cardon and is the highest mountain on the north peninsula of Fuerteventura.

The native inhabitants of the island revered this mountain as a sacred natural monument. What few vacationers know - on the western flank of the mountain there is a natural rock spring with a small chapel.

To walk to the Cardon and the rock spring, leave La Pared and follow the red and white marked hiking trail to the north in the direction of the goat farm.
At a certain point, a green and white marked trail branches off from this hiking trail. This path leads to the Cardon and the Quellen im Berg with the small natural chapel.

The hike takes about 4 hours there and back and is ideal for an afternoon after surfing.
On the way you can buy fresh cheese for dinner or a hiking break in the goat farm's shop.

The mountains around the old heart of the island Betancuria are an insider tip among hikers

If you follow the road that leads from Costa Calma to La Pared further north you get to the old island heart of Fuerteventura. The first cities on the island are located here. The island's first settlers lived in Pajara and Betancuria, because it is greener here than in the rest of the island.

A lot of moisture collects in the valleys between the high mountains so that there are as many palm trees as an oasis here. The first inhabitants of the island practiced agriculture here.

There are various circular hikes that take you to lookout points, further through a valley with many pine trees and the only forest on Fuerteventura, past the silted up reservoir with the small mountain chapel in the old island capital Betancuria.

You should set aside a day for the hike here and pack enough water.


If you explore the inland of Fuerteventura on foot, you will always be amazed at the beauty of nature. There are hidden chapels, green valleys and sacred springs to discover. Anyone who travels to Fuerteventura and enjoys hiking will certainly be pleasantly surprised.