Individual tourism in Fuerteventura

einheimische Fischerboote im Süden von Fuerteventurakleines Fischerdorf auf Fuerteventura

Individual tourism is always treated like tourism by the “Waldorf child”, and the current situation offers opportunities to rethink travel habits in order to travel more...

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Finally surfing again in Fuerteventura

nach 7 Wochen Ausgangssperre endlich wieder am Strandentspannte Sandbank Wellen in La Pared

After 7 weeks curfew we can finally surf again! Fuerteventura slowly comes back to life and you learn to appreciate the everyday things of the past.

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Einsamer Strand an der Westküste FuerteventurasKleines Fischrestaurant mit Außenbereich auf Fuerteventura

The corona virus is shaking up the travel industry. What will become of the summer vacation with us in the surf camp in Fuerteventura?

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Surfing and sailing in Fuerteventura

hart am Wind mit der Hochsee Regatta Yacht Fisher und Paykel am Südkap von Fuerteventurahart am Wind mit der Hochsee Regatta Yacht Fisher und Paykel am Südkap von Fuerteventura

Besides surfing, sailing is my second favorite water sport. You know many surfers who feel the same way. Of course you can sail and surf in Fuertevenura!

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Learn surfing over 50

Surfer über 50Wellenreiten über 50

Are you too young for surfing at over 50 years old for surfing? Of course not! Finally, there are also many sporty and fit windsurfers and skiers who are older than 50...

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Climbing and surfing in Fuerteventura

Klettern und Surfen auf FuerteventuraDie malerische Palmenschlucht Buen Paso auf Fuerteventura ist auch ein Kletterrevier

Climbing is a great sport. It trains coordination, strengthens the whole body and of course a good portion of action, adrenaline and adventure is guaranteed. Reads like a...

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Surfing and Pilates in Fuerteventura

Pilates nach dem Surfen auf Fuerteventuraentspannte Morgensession im Winter

Whole body training Pilates is often called in the same context as yoga. Certainly there are parallels in the type of stretching exercises, but while yoga focuses on...

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