Surfing and hiking in Fuerteventura

The mountains at La Pared
The dried up reservoir has already served as a backdrop for Hollywood productions

Fuerteventura is a water sports paradise - but there is also a lot to discover away from the dream beaches, for example on a hike through the wild hinterland of the island.

Hello hikers,

Today I am deliberately changing the address to the readers of our blog in order to focus on a part of Fuerteventura about which relatively little is written, and not only in this blog.

Fuerteventura is known as the Hawaii of Europe - the island certainly has this reputation primarily because of its fantastic water sports conditions. Fuerteventura beaches can be found regularly in the rankings of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In my meanwhile more than 20 years as an active surfer I have been to many beautiful places by and in the water but I have to say that I have only seen a few places where the beaches are so wild and wide and the water is so clear and turquoise blue.

But today, for a change, it's about the landscape behind Fuerteventura's beaches.

Fuerteventura's hinterland is a landscape of wide horizons

The landscape of Fuerteventura does not only appear very sparse to visitors at first glance. Most Central Europeans who land on Fuerteventura are horrified at the first sight of the island. Vegetation is rather sparsely distributed on Fuerteventura - you will look in vain for green meadows with flowers on the island.

The charm of the interior of Fuerteventura only becomes apparent to most visitors after a while. Then not a few realize that the landscape of Fuerteventura is unique and beautiful. The predominant colors of the island are of course the many different shades of sand from almost white to red to black.
In addition, there is the almost always unobstructed view of the horizon. The most defining color of the island is therefore the infinite blue of the sky and the sea on the horizon.

In many places on Fuerteventura you have the feeling that only a few people have crossed this landscape before you. This vastness and the untouched nature of the barren nature are also very attractive for many hikers.

Fuerteventura has a very well developed network of hiking trails

There are very different hiking routes on Fuerteventura. On some hikes you cross endless dune landscapes, others lead you into mountains up to 800 meters high, others to lonely beaches.

On these hikes, the highlights are not only the beauty of nature and monumental views of the vastness of the landscape and the ocean - there are also a lot of cultural and historical treasures, some of which are actually hidden - for example the sacred mountain spring of Cardon to which one can walk our villa in La Pared. Another highlight is the mysterious Villa Winter on the loneliest beach on the island in Cofete.

The individual hiking trails in Fuerteventura are well developed and regularly maintained by the municipality. There is a continuous hiking trail that stretches from the north of the island all the way to the south. This path is marked with a red and white rope. From this main hiking trail, individual paths branch off to certain scenic or cultural highlights. These trails are marked with a green and white line.


Even if you are only on Fuerteventura for a short time, a hike on the island is worthwhile. Hiking is the best way to discover the unique and barren beauty of Fuerteventura.
A little tip: As a surfer, you may discover one or the other surf spot on these hikes that has not yet been entered in the surf spot directories;)