Surfing in Fuerteventura on an educational holiday

Spanish course in the morning
surfing in the afternoon

Many employees are entitled to educational leave in addition to their normal vacation entitlement. Our Spanish courses are certified by the EU and are therefore also recognized as educational leave.

Hello surfer,

Summer is not over yet, but many surfers who have their center of life far from the sea have already planned their annual vacation. Even if it is now well over 10 years since I emigrated to Fuerteventura - I can still remember the time before that when I tried to spend so many weeks a year by the sea and in the waves.

At that time I was still a student and had my semester break and also very good-natured study regulations that allowed me to pursue my passion for surfing for almost half of the year. During this time I was already working as a surf instructor in surf camps on Fuerteventura and Indonesia.
Of course, I was already quite privileged back then when it came to my surfing time.

In my apprenticeship as a print graphic designer before studying, however, I only had the normal vacation entitlement that most other employees also have. In order to achieve a satisfactory balance between work and surfing was significantly more difficult.

So what ways are there to extend the annual vacation entitlement by a week or two?

The Spanish courses are certified by the EU

Many employers grant their employees the opportunity to take educational leave in addition to the general annual leave entitlement. What could be more obvious than combining educational leave with surfing.

Further training and educational leave are often used to learn a new language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. In the EU, Spain is the fourth strongest economic power after Germany, France and Italy and is one of the largest countries in Europe. But one often forgets that in Central and South America, with the exception of Brazil, Spanish is spoken in all countries.

A basic or advanced course in a language spoken in so many countries around the world is a good investment in your own education, which many employers will certainly see as a profit.

In Morro Jable we work with a Spanish school whose courses are certified by the EU. Many employers recognize the courses at our partner Spanish school in Morro Jable as educational leave.

Surf in Fuerteventura after the Spanish course

Of course, the Spanish course doesn't go all day. After a morning of Spanish lessons, you can try out what you have learned on site and talk to the relaxed locals. That is not difficult in Spain, because the open and warm mentality of many Spaniards makes it easy to have a little small talk. You shouldn't be afraid to pronounce something wrong, almost every Spaniard is happy when you try to say something in Spanish.

After the Spanish course there is of course enough time to surf!
If you want to improve your Spanish, you can of course also speak Spanish with our Spanish surf instructors :)


Learning Spanish on an educational leave in Fuerteventura broadens your horizons. Our Spanish school is recognized by the EU and can issue appropriate certificates. You can try out your newly acquired language skills immediately after the course. Of course there is still enough time to surf in the afternoon. So you can combine your educational leave very well with your passion for surfing!