Surf camp with child care

Parents with children on the beach
First contact with the surfboard :)

In surf camps and surf schools with child care you can go surfing while your own children are looked after on the beach. Are there surf camps with childcare in Fuerteventura?


Hello you surfing parents,

In countries like the USA, Australia, South Africa and many others, surfing is a well-known and established sport.
These countries have been surfing for decades and it can be said that there is such a thing as a real surfing culture. Surfing is more popular in these countries is often because these countries border an ocean. On the beaches of the oceans, waves break that are strong enough to make surfing possible.

In Europe there are of course also countries that border the Atlantic. In the German-speaking area, however, this is not the case. Even in winter, the waves at the Baltic Sea can be so strong that you can surf on the waves, but in the rest of the year the Baltic Sea and the North Sea are better for windsurfing. The situation is similar in the Mediterranean, you can surf here too, but not on all coasts and hardly at all in summer.

As a result of this still young history of surfing in Central Europe, many people in Central Europe still associate windsurfing with surfing.
For me as a surf instructor, I can also say that I have been part of this development of surfing in Central Europe for quite a while. In my first years in France, surfing students were mostly teenagers and at most in their early to mid-twenties.
It is now completely normal that older people over 40 and over 50 also take part in the surf course.

We often have parents with children and toddlers with us in surf courses and surf camps

Now, in many cases, the young people I taught in surf courses 20 years ago when I was still almost a teenager have become surfing parents. Other young parents are now discovering surfing for themselves and are trying to combine a beach holiday with the children and surfing.

I also have two little girls myself. My "big" daughter is already enthusiastic about surfing, but at the age of 6 she is still too young for a "real" children's surfing course. That's why I've spent a lot of days digging on the beach and looking at perfect waves that were practically tangible and yet inaccessible.

We therefore offer the following two alternatives for surfing parents of children under 7 years of age:

Parents share the surf course

This means that both parents take part in the theory and practical exercises on the beach. Then the parents take turns stepping on the little ones on the beach.
So one parent always stays on the beach and one is in the water. But only one surf course has to be paid for.

A friend of ours looks after the children on the beach while the parents surf

If you only seldom come to surf in the year, or if you travel to Fuerteventura as a single mother or father traveling alone with your own small children, the switch solution on the beach is of little help.

There is also an offer for these parents. A friend of ours looks after the children on the beach while father or mother surf.
Our friend also lives here in Fuerteventura and has two great boys who are currently going to primary school. She knows well the problem of the few free time lone parents have to spare.

In the past, so many surfing parents were able to significantly extend their time in the waves. Parents and single parents also get their money's worth on vacation.


In addition to the possibility of sharing the surf course as parents, so that only one course is paid for, both parents take part in the theory on land and then take turns surfing in the water, so that one is always with the child while the other surfs, we also offer childcare on the beach.
Many parents have taken advantage of this offer in the past and had their children looked after by our friend here on the beach while they were surfing.