Surf camp with child care

Surf camp with childcare, Parents with children on the beach
surf course with childcare, Fuerteventura

In surf camps and surf schools with childcare, you can go surfing while your children are kept busy on the beach.

Are there surf camps with childcare or surf lessons for single parents on Fuerteventura? Yes there are!


Hello surfing parents,

In countries like the USA, Australia, South Africa and many others, surfing is a common and established sport.

In these countries, people have been surfing for decades and there is a real surf culture among the population. Surfing is very widespread and popular in these countries. This is often because these countries border an ocean. Waves break on the ocean beaches that are strong enough to make surfing possible.


Surfing in Central Europe

In Europe, there are of course countries that border the Atlantic Ocean. However, this is not the case in the German-speaking area. In winter, the waves at the Baltic Sea can sometimes be so strong that you can surf them. But during the rest of the year, the Baltic Sea, and also the North Sea, are better suited for windsurfing. The Mediterranean Sea is similar. You can also surf here to some extent, but not on all coasts and in summer hardly at all.

As a result of this still young history of surfing in Central Europe, many people here associate surfing with windsurfing. For me as a surf instructor, I can say that I have accompanied this development of surfing in Central Europe for quite a while. In my first years in France, the surf students were mostly teenagers and at most in their early to mid-20s. Nowadays, it is completely normal for older people over 40 or even over 50 to join a surf course.


We often have parents with (small) children at our surf course & surf camps

In many cases, the young people I taught in the surf course 20 years ago have now become surfing parents. Other young parents are now discovering surfing for themselves. They try as best as they can to balance beach holidays with children and surfing. As you probably know yourself, it's not always that easy!

I am also a father of two little girls. My older daughter is also already enthusiastic about surfing, but at 6 years old she is still a bit too young for a "proper" kids surf course. I have therefore already spent a lot of days digging on the beach, looking at perfect waves that were practically tangible and yet unreachable.

For surfing parents of children under 7, we therefore offer the following two options:


Surf camp with childcare - parents share a surf course

At the surf camp with childcare, both parents share a surf course. This means that both parents take part in the theory and practical exercises on the beach. Afterwards, the parents take turns looking after their little ones on the beach. This way, one parent always stays on land and the other can enjoy the waves in the water. After that, the parents switch. The big advantage here is that both parents can take part in the course at the same time and also spend time in the water. However, we will only charge you for one surf course.


Surf course for single parents with child care

If you only surf rarely during the year or if you come to Fuerteventura as a single mother or single father with small children, then of course the switching solution on the beach won't help you. But don't worry!

We also have a great solution for you as a single parent: surf lessons with childcare. While you're having fun in the waves, we'll take care of the childcare on the beach.

A responsible and child-loving team member of ours will spend the entire time with your offspring on the beach. They will dig in the sand, play in the shallow water and romp around on the beach. Entertainment and sun protection are also provided. We'll bring parasols, sunscreen and beach toys for you. So you can completely switch off and concentrate fully on your wave exploits.

We know the problem of little free time as single parents very well. That's why we came up with this solution surf camp with childcare. To date, parents have been able to significantly extend their surfing time in the waves of Fuerteventura with our offer. This way, you also get your money's worth on a surf holiday with children.


When is a surf camp with childcare the right choice?

That all sounds good to you, but you're still a little unsure? We've put together a clear list of facts to show you when our offer is just right for you. A surf camp with childcare or a surf course with childcare is perfect for you if you:

  • need some time for yourself on the water.
  • want an all-round carefree package.
  • can't remember the last time you surfed and thought of nothing but the next wave.
  • want to have a family surf holiday where everyone gets their money's worth.
  • are a single parent and still don't want to miss out on surfing.
  • want an active beach holiday with the whole family.
  • want to come back from your surf holiday relaxed, refreshed and happy.


Family surf courses on Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has a mild climate, adequate water temperatures and surfable waves all year round. For this reason, we offer family surf lessons in the south of Fuerteventura all year round! Surfing is our passion and we want to pass it on to the little ones. If you are looking for an active holiday for the whole family, then our family surf courses are just the right thing for you and your children.

For the family surf course, we will pick you and your loved ones up from your accommodation with our shuttle. Once you arrive at the beach, all you need are your surfboards and wetsuits. Of course we offer both, also suitable for children. For the little ones, we have children's neos with long arms and legs that provide perfect protection from the cold and sun. The surfboards for kids are also lightweight and padded with foam. This is how we prevent injuries from their own surfboard. We also have surf helmets for junior surfers under 12 years old. These are lightweight, flexible and safely protect against injuries as well as the sun. Every day, we carefully choose which surf spot we will take the family surf course to. We check the wave forecast and make sure that we only teach on sandy beaches that are as safe as possible.

In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to book a private surf coach as a family with 3 to 5 members. This person is there exclusively for you and your family and accompanies you professionally during your individual surf training.


Conclusion: Surf Camp with childcare is gold!

If you feel like an active holiday for you and your family, we can highly recommend our surf courses with childcare. You can make sure that you have enough time in the water while your children are well looked after on the beach. It doesn't matter if you come with your partner and take turns in the water, or if you're a single parent who wants to spend more time surfing. Our surf course models for the whole family make it happen.

If you are now curious, and would like to ask us a few more questions, then get in touch with us without obligation! We will be happy to clear up any doubts and help you organise your family surf holiday with us. We already look forward to hearing from you!