Surfcamp for students in Fuerteventura

In Morro Jable there are many small and cheap restaurants and a large supermarket
Double room in the hostel

Especially during the semester break we have many students in our courses and accommodation. Most of our students book the following offers ...

Hello students,

Now the first week of August has already passed and most of you have written their exams. Not a few students now have the next two months completely free.

I've been shining as a student before my time, but I can still remember the long semester break. Of course, these long holidays are not only pure free time for many students. There are internships to complete, possibly replenish a test and of course the one or the other additional student job to build the study budget but also to save for travel or acquisitions.

Speaking of travel funds I was lucky enough to work as a surfinger during my studies. So I could earn money for study and be by the sea.
Nevertheless, I can still remember the dysbalance of time and money. The former had to be sufficient in the semester break, but it was not uncommon lacking the corresponding money around this holiday season really as much to do as you could have.

The hostel is the best value for money

That's why many students are looking for cheap holiday offers. Of course, it is especially nice if you meet a similar age and similar interests during the holidays with other people.

As far as the interests are concerned, one can assume in a surf camp that all participants share the passion for sports, the sea and of course share for surfing. Whether you are beginner or advanced surfers, the passion for the sport is the same for everyone - only the experience and that can take too.

We also offer a budget accommodation. Our hostel is the only hostel in the south of Fuerteventuras and thus probably one of the best price-performance accommodation on Fuerteventura. There are no double stick beds in the hostel and each room has its own bathroom. Although there is no shared kitchen, but on request there are a small fridge in many rooms, which costs no extra charge.

In the village you can offer cheaply there are many nice, delicious and inexpensive small restaurants, small supermarkets that are open until late in the evening and a large and budget supermarket.

Find cheap flights to Fuerteventura

The flight rates on the Canary Islands swank very much during the year.
The best prices are as good as always outside of school holidays. Even if part of the semester breaks overlap with the school holidays, there is still a much larger part of the outside of school holidays. The flights to Fuerteventura cost not infrequently less than half during this time, sometimes even a third of the normal price.

If you are not so flexible in time, you should try to find an airport of the neighboring state in which school holidays may be over.

You are welcome to send us your possible travel period and the flights coming to questions and we help you with the flight search.


We often have students in our surf camps and surfing courses. Many students choose our hostel one of the best value for money at Fuerteventura. In the village you can budget and who flies outside the school holidays often finds flights at really reasonable prices.