Canary government lifts all corona measures! The current situation on Fuerteventura in spring 2022

beach life auf Fuerte
warm blue water in Spring on the Canaries

Holidays on Fuerteventura have been possible again for a long time. Now the Canary government has lifted all Corona measures on Fuerteventura and the rest of the islands. Except for a few restrictions, life on Fuerteventura is almost the same as before the Corona Pandemic. Here is the current situation and regulations for tourists traveling to Fuerteventura in spring 2022.

Hello surfers,

At the end of March, the government of the Canary Islands repealed the Corona rules it had issued. Life on Fuerteventura will be largely the same as it was before the pandemic.
The Spanish government already announced in winter that it now considers Corona to be on an equal footing with other colds. The numbers of newly infected people are only collected twice a week. The mild courses of the Omicron variant and the high vaccination rate in Spain justify this step.
Here are some possible open questions for everyone planning a trip to Fuerteventura.

Can you travel to Fuerteventura this spring?

Off couse!
Border closures, entry bans or similar are part of the first year of the Corona Pandemic. Only in spring 2020 were there border closures in March, April, May and June. Not only Spain but also many other European countries had closed their borders during this time.
Traveling to Fuerteventura is therefore possible without any problems.

Our surf camp and our surf villa have been open again since summer 2020. Of course, we also adhered to the regulations for hygiene and distance. Nevertheless, in the past two years we have had many nice guests who have traveled to us.

Hardly anything has changed in the implementation of the surf course, because sun, wind and salt water are the elixir of life for us surfers and also highly effective as natural disinfectants :)

Are shops and restaurants open in Fuerteventura?

The restaurants and shops in Fuerteventura were only closed for a month in the first spring of the pandemic.
With statistically five rainy days a year, almost all restaurants on Fuerteventura have a large outdoor area.
The regulations on distance and hygiene in the restaurants have been lifted almost without exception since the end of March. A mask only has to be worn indoors when going to the toilet.
There is no maximum number of people per table and the interior areas of the restaurants can also be fully used.
But who wants to sit inside with Fuerteventura's year-round mild temperatures when you can sit under the starry sky with a mild evening breeze.

The curfew was also lifted on the Canary Islands and of course on Fuerteventura as well. All restaurants, bars, cafes and discos can now open again according to their concession until the early hours of the morning. The first discotheques are open again and finally you can dance here again!
So who turns night into day with us here on Fuerteventura?

Shops can of course open in the same way and the restrictions on the maximum number of people indoors will no longer apply and very likely soon the obligation to wear masks inside shops will also apply.

Of course, you can and should continue to disinfect your hands when entering shops and restaurants.

Is there still a mask requirement in Fuerteventura?

The rules for wearing masks in Fuerteventura and the rest of the Canary Islands are similar to the rules in other European countries. In contrast to Germany, for example, “normal” medical masks are sufficient in Spain and there is no obligation to wear FFP2 masks.

The mask requirement outdoors was abolished in Spain last summer.

There is only one mask requirement:

• On public transport such as buses, planes, trains
• In our surf school cars on the way to the beach
• Inside restaurants on the way to the toilet
• In stores (this will most likely be phased out soon)
• In all public spaces, such as police stations, hospitals, schools, etc.

Are there still curfews in Fuerteventura?

There was a curfew in the early months of last year. This curfew only applied from midnight and was lifted more than a year ago.
So there is no curfew on Fuerteventura.

Now everyone decides for themselves how long they want to party in the evening or whether the surfing conditions are more important the next day than the next beer with friends ;)

Do I have to go into quarantine after returning from Fuerteventura?

All European countries, including Germany, do not provide for quarantines for vaccinated or unvaccinated holidaymakers after returning from the Canary Islands and thus also from Fuerteventura.
The test requirement for holidaymakers who have been vaccinated three times is completely eliminated.
For unvaccinated travelers, simple rapid antigen tests are sufficient.

So there are no impairments on the outward or return journey to Fuerteventura.


Traveling to Fuerteventura has been possible without any problems for a long time now, with the exception of the mask requirement on public transport and some indoor areas, almost all corona measures are no longer applicable.
When are you coming to surf, celebrate and relax with us again?