10 things in your luggage for a trip to the surf camp in winter

Most summer, beach, sun, summer vacations combine with surfing. On Fuerteventura there is that all year. The winter is just beginning, so here is a small packing list for your winter trip to the surf camp.

It's time. It has been raining outside for several days, the temperatures are so that one really only stays outdoors when it is absolutely necessary. From 16 o'clock in the evening and from 16:30 reminds one only of the clock on whether it is just time to drink coffee or to go to bed. Speaking of bed, you would prefer to lie down and set the alarm clock at the end of March. Who does not need winter, we surfers. Ok, yes, right, there is something like winter sports, but for people like me who grew up in Berlin, that's almost as exotic as surfing.

To survive the next few months without depression, a trip to the sun is just right.
Good news:
On Fuerteventura the whole year is summer and the airfares are partly lower than a full-grown pub with friends. Excuses do not apply)

For all blog readers who want to escape the winter for a few days or maybe weeks, here is the ultimate packing list for the surf camp on Fuerteventura.

1. The first point is actually not a piece of luggage, it is much more the request to allow a piece of luggage away. Called:
Do not use a suitcase, those who travel to Fuerteventura really only need carry-on luggage.
... Hair dryer, bed linen, towels are with us;)

2. Flip Flops! Shall I list the benefits of how much more practical it is to wear flip flops on the beach? Let's save that, everyone is happy if he does not have to wrap his feet in socks and shoes.

3. Boardshorts and / or bikini. Yes, in Fuerteventura it is so warm in winter that you can swim in the sea and in the sun.

4. sunscreen. There's also here, but is usually a bit more expensive at the resort. In our shop we sell Sun Sticks from a French surf brand, which are not only free of paraben and thus environmentally friendly, but also skin-friendly and incidentally look quite casual.

5. No wetsuit. You get that from us. Maybe put on a poncho to wetsuit on the beach. You can also use it as a beach towel. If you do not have a poncho, you can also buy it in our shop on Fuerteventura :)

6. Warm cap for the head. So that you do not feel cold after surfing. You think a bobble hat on the beach is something like a Hawaiian shirt at Apre Ski? Well, the comparison is already charming, with the difference that a warm bobble hat on wet hair, in cool January wind can be a blessing, the Hawaiian shirt in the ski area rather leads to spend the next day with a cold in bed.

7. Ipod. So good music, best for outdoors and summer. Foo Fighters always goes, when I started surfing, the Red Chilli Pepper album "Californication" had just re-released. Although I've never heard of it, it's still one of the best soundtracks for a surf vacation.

8. Enough space for a bottle of rum for the return flight. No fun. Spirits are much cheaper in the Canaries than on the mainland. A bottle of Havana 7 costs not even 15 €. Anyone who can make it a pleasure, everyone in the acquaintance or family circle.

9. T-shirts, tank tops, shorts ... summer things. Did I mention Fuerteventura is always summer?

10. Long pants, warm sweater and a light jacket, basically the things you have on the plane. For the evenings under the starry sky which can sometimes be a bit cooler (17 degrees, brrrrrr, cold) ....