5 Christmas gifts for surfers

You want to make a real surfer Christmas present to a friend or family member. Well, flip flops and sunscreen are not very original. Here are a few tips from surfers for surfers :)

So here's a few shopping tips from surfers for surfers. We work our way up the budget, so here's a tip for the surf buddy, best friend or girlfriend, brother or sister, as well as daughter or son.

1. A good book!
Barbarian Days by William Finnegan. An autobiography, time travel and round the world from a real surfer. Captivating from the first page. I have found myself in so many places myself and rarely got so well worded what it is that drives us surfer.

2. Change a poncho to the wetsuit
... is definitely one of the inventions without which you have lived very well for many years. Without which one can not live after a single try. For me, the poncho has become a similar everyday use item like my neoprene suit.

3. A tide clock!
You say this is a toy. Yes, that is right. After all, the tide does not matter once you're on the beach and in the water. However, there are so many small things where you always look at the clock and thinks now but go to the beach or in the water where you know exactly, from when to wait for the next good set of nonsense is only you prefer that first Apre Surf beer can treat.

4. A flight coupon!
We Central European surfers are basically "landlocked" by nature. With a flight voucher, every surfer can start something and look forward to the next vacation J

5. A surfskate board!
Here are different price ranges. I have a carver board. Uh, that really hurt the buy, but everytime I use the Brett Carve, Pump, Slide - I think - wow, that feels like surfing. How gray and sad do the years seem, when you could not generate a bit of surfskate stoke on bad days.

But now, Merry Christmas.