A walk through Morro Jable in the south of Fuerteventura

the small bay of Morro Jable is ideal for SUP

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there is always something going on in the narrow streets

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Fish restaurant right on the waters edge

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Local fisherman

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Many of our guests live in the cozy fishing village of Morro Jable in the south of Fuerteventura. There is a wonderful little beach, fish restaurants, a promenade, small shops and relaxed locals.

Hello surfer,

now it's almost 12 years to the day since we opened our surf school office here in Morro Jable.
I still remember the time when I came to Fuerteventura. In the year the surf school was founded, our office was still in Costa Calma. But already on the first visit to Morro Jable further south, I liked the small fishing village straight away.

The promenade with the small beach and the cliff, the narrow streets that wind up the mountain, the restaurants, tapas bars, cafes - but above all the authentic Spanish ambience have always made me feel like I am really in the Canary Islands .

Costa Calma is not a grown town and therefore there is neither a city center nor real locals there. Many of the predominantly German tourists don't even bother to speak a word or two of Spanish. The otherwise so relaxed locals are rightly annoyed when German vacationers put their questions in German at supermarket counters so slowly and clearly as if the other person was hard of hearing or borderline dizzy.

Surfer friends and acquaintances initially advised me not to move from Costa Calma to Morro Jable, the locals are so dismissive of strangers ... This prejudice has never been confirmed to me. On the contrary, I find my fellow men here in Morro Jable to be friendly, open, helpful and tolerant.

I now have two children who first went to kindergarten here in Morro Jable and are now going to school. For them, going to the beach, playground and ice cream parlor after school is normal everyday life. I always enjoy meeting other children in the playground and then going to friends in the pizzeria or the neighboring tapas bar and am happy for my children, who can regard this idyllic place as their home.

My favorite places in Morro Jable

Of course there are sights in Morro Jable, but it is rather certain places that make up the charm of the coastal village. Here are a few of my favorite places:

Of course the small beach next to the cliff. If you swim in front of the small cliff you can snorkel great, there are lots of fish and sometimes even big rays that swim here.

The round viewing platform on the cliff a few meters from the village church. The view of the beach and the town from here is always worth a break at any time of the day.

The small streets from the beach promenade to the town. There's always something going on here in the evening, whether it's an Irish pub, an Italian or a tapas bar - this is where the holidaymakers mingle with the locals. You can sit outside in front of the restaurants all year round and go from bar to bar in the evenings. There is often live music.

There is always something to discover in the fishing port. You can watch the fishermen as they load the caught fish from the traditional wooden boats, visit the turtle station or go swimming on the natural beach behind the harbor.

When is the best time to go to Morro Jable?

Anyone who has ever been to Fuerteventura knows that there are seasons here and the days are longer or shorter, but it is never the case that the weather becomes so inhospitable that you no longer go to the beach or sit outside in the restaurant can.

If you are still looking for a particularly good moment to travel to the fishing village, I can of course recommend the winter months, when you go swimming here in January and then have an ice cream in the beach cafe, while in other places in Europe people can scratch their car windows already feel what one describes as happy and satisfied.

If you really want to get to know the authentic Canarian culture, I recommend going to the traditional festivals, such as the Fiesta del Camen or the carnival in Fuerteventura. One thing should be said: the Spaniards know how to party.


The small fishing village of Morro Jable is always worth a visit. Warm water, white beach, delicious restaurants and relaxed locals can be experienced here all year round. Many fall so much in love with the place that they keep coming back or, like me, live here with their children.