Are shops and restaurants in Fuerteventura open despite COVID-19?

Inland clothing and handicraft shop
Restaurant in Morro Jable with a fantastic sea view terrace

Since June 21 you can travel to Spain again. Many surfers book trips to Fuerteventura for July at short notice. But how about it here in times of COVID-19?


So now you can officially travel to Fuerteventura again for over a week. How quickly the past three months passed in retrospect. Just a month ago, it was far from decided that in July tourists can really travel to Fuerteventura again.

What pleases us as a surfer but also as a surf camp operator has long been a reality - tourism in the Canary Islands is slowly starting up again. Even though, in our opinion, there has been a little too much package tourism in recent years, it is good that tourists can come again, because the Canary Islands are economically very dependent on tourism. We can confirm that everyone feels familiar and friends are unemployed.

However, I hope that the crisis will make a little contribution to making tourism in the Canaries more sustainable towards more individual and active tourism.

In the past few months, many stores have been closed for a long time. More and more shops and restaurants have opened since mid-May.

Restaurants and shops in Morro Jable

As a small fishing village, Morro Jable is of course also shaped by tourism, but nevertheless many locals live here. After the strict curfew in April, most of the shops in Morro Jable have reopened. A large number of the restaurants are also open again.

Some shops have shorter opening hours. Not only because of the lack of tourists. For many operators of restaurants and shops in Fuerteventura, it is also not easy to take care of their own children and at the same time to organize the work.
Kindergartens and schools are still closed here in the Canaries and will remain so until the beginning of the new school year in early September.
Masks are mandatory in shops.

Thanks to the summer weather in Fuerteventura, all restaurants have outside areas

Since the weather here in Fuerteventura is always summery, all restaurants have outside areas in which the distance between the tables has now been increased. If you are sitting at the table in the outdoor restaurant, you do not need to put on a mask as a guest.

As of next week, many hotels in the Canary Islands will again open and receive their first guests, presumably the remaining closed restaurants will then open and the shops will re-open their opening hours as before the lockdown. How do you keep up to date!


Most of the shops and most of the restaurants in Fuerteventura are open again. In Morro Jable in particular, you can sit on the restaurant terrace, eat fresh fish and listen to live music as before the crisis.