Are the restaurants in Fuerteventura open?

cozy fish restaurant in Morro Jable
dinner for our surf camp guests

Most restaurants in Fuerteventura are open, but with local restrictions.

Hello surfer,

In Central Europe it is now a fading memory - eating in a restaurant. In many European countries, especially in Central and Northern Europe, most restaurants had to close with the beginning of the second Corona wave. I myself come from Berlin and since the end of October 2020 restaurants there are only allowed to offer take-away food.

Now many countries are already in the third corona wave and scientists are talking about an emerging fourth wave.
I try to maintain my confidence and deliberately do not imagine any health or economic horror scenarios. My approach is rather to look at the “here and now”.
If you relate that here not only in terms of time but also geographically, life on Fuerteventura is quite pleasant at the moment.

Here in Fuerteventura, too, restrictions apply to the protection of the population. But the warm climate and the rather sparse settlement allow a life that is now more reminiscent of what one and a half years ago was called "normal" than anywhere else.

All restaurants have large outdoor areas

In addition to open shops, the restaurants in Fuerteventura are also open.
Exactly a year ago, there was a strict curfew in Spain and thus also in Fuerteventura and all restaurants and shops had to close. Since the curfew ended in May, there have not been any further restaurant closings.

All restaurants here in Fuerteventura have always had outdoor areas. As part of the regulations for distance and hygiene, the restaurants were also allowed to expand these outdoor areas.
The weather in the Canary Islands is still warm and summery even in European winter, so you almost always sit outside to eat here.

There are rules for the distance between tables and the maximum number of people at one table. In everyday life, however, you don't really notice these regulations and you can go out to eat with friends or family and look at the sea.

You hardly notice the curfew at night

Due to the open restaurants, private contacts, who are now known to be probably the biggest driver of pandemics, take place more in protected areas, because the restaurants are obliged to comply with distance and hygiene rules, otherwise they face severe penalties.

In order to reduce further private contacts after eating together in the restaurant, there is a night curfew in the Canary Islands. The curfew begins between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., depending on the level of infection. The curfew continues until 6 a.m.

In normal everyday life, you don't actually notice this curfew at all. Since all restaurants have to close at the same time as the curfew and you go home afterwards anyway, you hardly notice the curfew even in the evening.


The restaurants here in the Canary Islands and of course in Fuerteventura are open thanks to the large outdoor areas. There are restrictions on the maximum number of people at a table, the occupancy of the indoor spaces and the opening times. Nevertheless, life feels much more normal here and you hardly notice a few of the restrictions.