Attractions in La Pared

Natural sculpture on the beach
The Istmo de La Pared with a view of Cofete
Hike through the Istmo de La Pared
Hiking trail through the original landscape of Fuerteventura
Hiking at La Pared in Fuerteventura
Sunset on the west coast of Fuerteventura

The small surfing village of La Pared in Fuerteventura is known for its natural beach, its waves, the surfers, but there is much more to discover.

The main attraction of La Pared is surely nature. For many Central Europeans, this statement may sound somewhat contradictory, because there is little vegetation in Fuerteventura.

Nature in La Pared

Instead of the lack of green, the predominant colors are the many sand, beige, ocher and red tones of the earth in La Pared. Shaped by erosion, bizarrely impressive landscapes emerge here when the steep west coast with its high mountains falls into the sea where it is shaped by the surf of the Atlantic.

But the all-determining color is blue. Nowhere else do you have such a clear view of the horizon and the sea as on the wild and sparsely populated west coast of Fuerteventura. There are days when the blue of the sky blends seamlessly with the blue of the sea.
The sunsets are blazing red and yellow.

Just as spectacular as the untouched landscape of La Pared is the starlit sky, which shines due to little "light pollution".

I keep hearing from guests that they have chosen La Pared consciously because of the calm, the proximity to the sea, the elemental force of the unchecked waves from the Atlantic and the evenings under the starry sky.

 Many holidaymakers in La Pared, whether surfers or individual tourists, simply spend time hiking through this unspoiled landscape or riding a mountain bike. Explore new small beaches on the west coast and enjoy the peace and contemplation.

Walks in La Pared

The landscape in and around La Pared is also the destination of many excursions. We recommend hiking tours or mountain bike tours through the Istmo de La Pared, that's the name of the narrow part of Fuerteventura, which can be easily recognized by the color of the light sand. It goes from the calm east coast with the kilometer-long tidal lagoon of Sotavento to the untouched west coast with its strong surf called Barlovento.

In front of you you always have the horizon made of bright yellow desert sand and the deep blue of the endless sky.

On these tours one often encounters free-range goats, sheep and donkeys. It is astonishing how the sparse vegetation of the desert can feed the animals. There are cute ground squirrels that are tame and can be fed.

The special thing: on all these tours you always have the feeling of rediscovering part of the island and not being the one millionth visitor to a tourist area. Real Robinson Crusoe feeling!


Nature is the number one attraction in La Pared. Even if there is little vegetation here, it is impressive to explore this wildly romantic landscape in which the predominant color is the blue of the sky and ocean and where you always have the feeling of being an explorer when you are alone in deserted bays and hiking trails discovered.