Checklist for a trip to Fuerteventura in times of Corona

[Translate to English:] Reisen nach Fuerteventura sind immer noch möglich
[Translate to English:] Alles gecheckt? PCR Test? Corona App? Einreiseformular?

There is no travel ban even in times of corona-related lockdowns. Especially now in winter the Canarian sun, the sea and the waves beckon. What do you have to consider when flying to Fuerteventura in pandemic times?

Hello surfer,

surfing life in times of pandemic doesn't get any easier.
When I think about the fact that we have known the word Corona for a year and it is not long before we know what the word lockdown means from our own experience, I can only shake my head in disbelief over and over again.

When I saw the first pictures from China around this time last year, I would never have dreamed of what the world would look like a year later at this time.
When I think about how free and under the circumstances "normal" life was again last summer, it becomes difficult not even to sigh melancholy.

After the end of the first lockdown in summer 2020, we all thought everything was over. All scientific forecasts have indicated that the virus would come back in winter, something few could really imagine.

Well, the lack of imagination has now been replaced by reality. Of course there is light at the end of the tunnel, but the truth is the tunnel is long.
Those who are infected with the surfing virus and have their whole life focused on the next surf trip have a hard time looking forward to light at the ends of the tunnel, because while you are approaching the end of the tunnel in slow motion, unsurfed waves break in other places in the world .

Also here with us in Fuerteventura!
There are still no travel bans despite the travel warning and although the incidence figures in the Canary Islands are above the critical mark of 50 per 100,000 in 7 days, the figures are still many times lower than on the European mainland.

So what do you have to consider if you want to spontaneously fly into the sun?

The time of the PCR sampling must not be older than 72 before departure.

Most people know that if you want to travel to Spain and come from a risk area, you need a negative PCR test. This regulation is likely to remain in place for some time, just as most of mainland Europe will remain a risk area for a while.

In Germany it is not difficult to get a negative PCR test for a flight to Spain. There are private test laboratories from Centogene at all major German airports. The employees there also know what the certificate for the (hopefully negative) corona test must look like so that it is accepted by the Spanish authorities.

In the meantime, it has also become established that the airlines check the negative test certificate of the travelers before departure.

Registering for the Spanish QR code upon entry is child's play

In addition to the corona test, you have to log in to the Spanish health system. This is very easy. When you book your flight, the airline gives you the link to the online form of the Spanish health authorities.

In the form you have to give your contact details and the address of your stay in Fuerteventura. You have to confirm that you have no symptoms and install the Spanish Corona App (Radar Covid) on your phone.

Then you get a QR code, which is read out when entering Spain.


Even in times of pandemic and lockdown, you can travel to Fuerteventura. To enter the country, you have to fill out an online form from the Spanish health authority, download the Spanish Corona Warn App (Radar Covid) onto your phone and present a negative PCR Corona test, in which the sample is not older than 72 hours.