Current regulations for arrival and departurte to Fuerteventura

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Which corona test do I need when entering Fuerteventura? Do I have to do a test on Fuerteventura before my return trip, if so a simple antigen or quick test is enough?

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Come to the Canaries!
A trip to Fuerteventura is still possible and in view of the honestly somewhat bleak situation on the Central European mainland, the requirements to be met for a trip to the waves in the summer are bearable.

You need a PCR test for entry

A PCR test is currently required to enter Spain and the Canary Islands. The test, i.e. the moment the sample is taken from the throat, must not be older than 72 hours before departure.

However, there are now a number of test centers where the result of a PCR test is sometimes transmitted on the same day.

There are test centers at all major European airports and several others in the cities.
The (hopefully negative) test result is then sent directly to the mobile phone.

You also need a QR code, which is virtually the registration in the Spanish health system. You can easily create this online. You will receive the link to register together with the flight booking.

Almost all airlines check the QR code and Corona test results before departure.

If the travel warning for the Canary Islands is withdrawn, the quick test is not applicable when leaving for many European countries.

On the Spanish mainland, the number of new infections with the corona virus is still comparatively high, which is why the German government has classified Spain as a high-risk country.

In contrast to the high numbers of new infections on the Spanish mainland, the low numbers in the Canary Islands stand. In the Canary Islands, the incidence values ​​are lower in most places than in many Central European countries.
I suspect that the travel warning issued by the German federal government for the Canary Islands will also be withdrawn in the coming weeks.

Until then, you have to be tested for the Corona Virus on Fuerteventura before entering Germany. A simple quick test is sufficient here. This quick test can be done inexpensively and conveniently on site with our German doctor Karola Simoni. You don't need to wait and receive the result with all the documents you need to enter Germany within less than half an hour.
Here is the contact to Karola Simoni's office:

Please contact her by phone before the test.


It is always summer on Fuerteventura, the number of infections is low and, thanks to the climate and the endless empty beaches, the risk of getting infected is almost zero. The outdoor areas of restaurants are also still open. All you need to travel here is a PCR test, which you can do at most European airports. For the return journey Germany Moment requires a negative quick test. Thanks to the steadily declining number of newly infected people, it may well be that this rule will soon be lifted.