Dangerous animals on Fuerteventura?

Although Fuerteventura is politically part of Europe, geographically it is more a part of Africa. Therefore, I would like to go into the legitimate question today, whether the local nature is dangerous for us surfing world surfing tourists.

Hello my dears,

Today I would like to take Heinz (Christof) Sielmann with you to an exotic place. We will travel to an island off Africa and explore the local fauna completely unprotected, with the aim of finding dangerous animals.

My cameraman has already put some palm fronds on the tropical helmet and I am now wearing my khaki explorer shirt.

So we stalk slightly bent, followed by four interns of the Munich Film Academy, who carry for us the heavy metal suitcases with technical equipment, through the savanna-like landscape of the barren volcanic island.

On a hill we stop below us, a white sandy beach stretches on the strange creatures frolicking.
Many have white and not a few red spotted skin. They are partly motionless on the ground others drifting in the water.
My cameraman Fritz crawls slowly to the scenery and I begin as it is expected of me to comment on the action:

"It's amazing how these cute animals float freely in the water and walk up and down the beach.
They push their cigarette butts into the sand and unsuspectingly blow plastic bags into the sea. "

Scene change - now I'm back home in the tropical house of my zoo's zoo and am writing my experiences of Fuerteventura surrounded by countless exhibits from distant lands on my colonial desk:

Have I seen dangerous animals?
Yes, there is a dangerous species on Fuerteventura. Unfortunately, it is human. I do not differentiate between locals and tourists.
It is hard to bear how careless many residents and visitors deal with this island. Cigarette butts are pushed into the sand, bottles and cans left on the beach, plastic bags blow into the sea ...

Apart from these really dangerous creatures, there is nothing in nature on Fuerteventura that seemed to me dangerous to Heinz (Christof) Sielmann.

There are no sharks, snakes or poisonous insects.
Perhaps a somewhat worrying population of cute chipmunks who, for lack of enemies, of course, almost boldly beg for fat. Can not these animals at least learn to show some gratitude when you get rid of the breakfast sandwiches?

Otherwise there are goats to call, which are always free from any advance notice just on the roadside and stare at a completely blank. What shoud that? It only helps to say "maaaaahhh" loudly.

Seagulls were still found in local fishing and processing areas. Without going into too much detail, I can only say that I can not understand their diet. Or do you eat at home from the trash can? Not me. Not even when it's full of fresh fish leftovers.

And when we are already in the harbor. Turtles - which are bred here completely without mental guidance larger. What about a Ninjutsu Combat Training? Does not anyone want to give these poor animals the names of Italian Renaissance artists?

Exhausted, I fall asleep on the crocodile cover of my desk and slobber next to the elephant-footed inkwell.

Until next week
Heinz (Christof) Sielmann