Do you have to wear a mask on the beach in Fuerteventura?

There is no mask requirement on the beach in Fuerteventura
Fish restaurant in Fuerteventura

A short answer in advance: No! Here is some more information about the mask requirement on Fuerteventura.

Hello surfer,
The regulations on distance and hygiene are constantly being adapted in all European countries and you often do not know exactly what the current regulations are in your own country or city. Therefore it is only logical that you usually do not know what current regulations in other countries look like.

Here in Spain, too, there is a federal system, which grants the individual autonomous regions of the country a lot of competencies.
Here, too, the regions can determine many regulations for distance and hygiene themselves and adapt them to local conditions.
The Canary Islands are such an autonomous region and the regulations here differ from the regulations in the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain.

The fact that wearing masks is an important means of containing the pandemic is now a fact that is hardly disputed. On the contrary, mouth and nose protection has become so common in the meantime that it will certainly be a real need to get used to it if it suddenly no longer has to be worn in most everyday situations.

Here on Fuerteventura the mask requirement is stricter than in other European countries. But the most important thing first:

You don't have to wear a mask on the beach or during sports in the Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands, a mask is required in all closed public spaces, for example in the interiors of shops and restaurants. Of course, you also have to wear a mask in the bus or taxi.
Of course, you don't have to wear a mask in your own hotel room or holiday apartment.

In addition, there is a requirement to wear a mask outdoors when moving around in built-up areas, for example in a busy pedestrian zone.

Anyone who knows Fuerteventura knows that you mainly spend time doing sports on the beach and in the water, that you go hiking or cycling - you don't have to wear a mask.

The following applies in the Canary Islands: You don't have to wear a mask on the beach, in the water, outside of built-up areas and in all individual sports, such as jogging or cycling.

You don't have to put on a mask at the table in the restaurant

Most of the restaurants in the Canary Islands have outdoor areas. Thanks to the beautiful weather, you can sit outside in the restaurant all year round. In addition, many of these outdoor areas also have a wonderful sea view and there is often live music outdoors in the evenings.

This means that you don't sit outside in a restaurant in Fuerteventura for reasons of infection protection, but usually look for a table outside anyway.

You don't have to wear a mask at the table in the restaurant either!


The rules for wearing a mask may seem strict at first glance, but anyone who has already been to Fuerteventura knows that they do not interfere here in everyday life, because you do not have to wear a mask on the beach, during sports and outside of built-up areas. Likewise, you don't have to wear a mask when you're sitting at the table in a restaurant.

So you can say that the regulation hardly interferes with everyday life and that it may have even made it possible for restaurants and shops to remain open.