Excursions in La Pared

Quad and buggy tours in La Pared
Sporty mountain bike tour at La Pared
Enduro tour in La Pared
Hiking in the mountains at La Pared

In La Pared you can also book various excursions and tours to discover the landscape and culture of Fuerteventura.

Surfers deliberately choose the small town of La Pared because there are waves all year round. If there is such a thing as a sun guarantee in Fuerteventura - because there is almost never rain in Fuerteventura with statistical five days a year - then there is also a wave guarantee for La Pared, because there are really waves here every day of the year.

Individual tourists who do not surf and opt for a vacation in La Pared often do so because of the tranquility and unspoiled nature. This original and wildly romantic landscape together with the sea is the real attraction in La Pared.

Activities in and around La Pared

So if you don't spend your holidays in La Pared because of the waves and are looking for activities on vacation, you will usually be interested in one of the many off-road tours.

The untouched landscape is ideal for hiking and mountain bike tours. Many providers of mountain bike tours have also recently started tours with fat bikes. These mountain bikes with extra thick tires are made for the scenic desert trails through the Istmo de La Pared. Of course there are also professionally guided e-bike tours.

La Pared is an off-road paradise

Tours with quads, buggies and enduro motorcycles are particularly popular in La Pared and the surrounding area. Anyone who knows the film Mad Max and is a fan of motorsport will be thrilled by the off-bike tours over the dusty slopes to deserted beaches.


The main activity in La Pared is surfing. Many residents of the place live in harmony with the waves and tides. The area around La Pared is just as impressive as the ocean. In the untouched desert landscape you can go on excursions by quad, buggy or enduro motorcycle in addition to hiking and mountain bike tours. Real Ralley Dakar feeling is guaranteed here!