Family surf camps: Accommodation for your family

Fantastic sea views from our family vacation home in Morro Jable
small garden with terrace in family holiday home in Morro Jable
Starry sky above our surf villa on the west coast in La Pared
the large pool and the family apartment Aire in our surf villa

We have many families in our surf courses. As a family, you often have different requirements for accommodation than the young single surfer. Here is a small overview of our surf camp accommodation for families.

Hello dear surfer families,

in one of the previous articles I wrote a little bit about our surfing courses for families. Today it is about accommodations for surfing families, i.e. family surf camps in Fuerteventura.

As already mentioned, we often have families in our surf courses, especially during school holidays.
Of course, these families are very different. There are families with preschool children or adolescent children. Families with babies or mums and dads who come to us alone with their child or with several children. In some families all family members surf, in others only the children or one of the parents surf.

However, all these families share an interest in surfing, curiosity for a little adventure and of course they want to get to know other active families.

Our surf villa is the perfect surf camp for family friends

We have been operating our surf villa in La Pared since 2018. Initially, there were only one large apartment and a cozy studio on the 1000 square meter property. Since 2019 there has been a rustic bungalow by the large pool and since autumn 2020 we offer another apartment in the Canary Garden on the property.

Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen.
After surfing, you can splash around and relax together at the large pool.

For families with young children there are cots and pool and beach toys.

In summer and autumn we often have families in our villa. The plot is perfect for families with friends. So that two or three families can rent the whole complex and spend the vacation together in a private atmosphere.

Our family holiday home is located in child-friendly Morro Jable

Morro Jable is a small fishing village in the south of the island. Here you can still experience real Spain. Of course, there is also tourism in small apartment complexes rather than large hotels.

The city beach is very protected from wind, waves and currents. Many Spanish families come here to swim and play with their children. Right behind the beach there is a small promenade with delicious fish restaurants and tapas bars.

Our family holiday home is in a quiet location and only a 3-minute walk from the beach. The house has a small terrace with a garden. From the terrace of the living room and bedroom you have a fantastic sea view. From October to March you can watch the sunset in the sea almost every day.

The house is fully equipped with a dishwasher, washing machine, stair bars, cot and children's toys. The house is ideal for families with small preschool children.


Surfing is a great sport for families. We often have families on our surf courses, especially during school holidays. That is why we also offer accommodations especially for families - family surf camps. Be it our villa with pool for several families who are friends or our family holiday home in the Spanish fishing village of Morro Jable.