Finally surfing again in Fuerteventura

after 7 weeks curfew finally back at the beach
relaxed sandbar waves in La Pared

After 7 weeks curfew we can finally surf again! Fuerteventura slowly comes back to life and you learn to appreciate the everyday things of the past.

Hello “land locked” surfers,

today as a surfer I can finally announce some positive news:
We can surf on Fuerteventura again!

After 7 weeks at home without outdoor sports, this easing of the curfew here on Fuerteventura is something like Christmas and Easter on the same day.

Many surfers could hardly believe it, because like everywhere else we get our news mostly from the media. The fact that some of these innovations contradict each other is no different for us than for the rest of Europe.
During the course of Saturday, the faces of the surfers here on Fuerteventura were initially incredulous and later simply just happy.
Seldom has one been so happy to meet other people on the beach and go surfing. I hope that this positive “vibe” will continue for a long time.

The sand bars in La Pared look good

Everyone tries to use the curfew in their own way. I have spent a lot of time in La Pared in the past few weeks. Here is our surf villa. There is always something to do here. We not only want to make our villa more beautiful, we also prepare a few surprises (new features) for our guests. More on that in later articles, I promise.

As I wrote in the last articles, I suspect that accommodations for individual tourists will be the first to open. In the small town of La Pared, the large beach for surfers has never been full, even during “normal” times. So I think we will be able to greet guests here first.

The sandbars in La Pared look perfect - ideal for the relaxed summer and spring waves!
Whether with a shortboard or a cozy retro shape - there is the right wave for all surfers in La Pared. If you want to take it easy, wait until the tide rises and the waves become a bit rounder.

Beginners can be pushed by the white water waves at low tide.

The greatest thing in La Pared is still the sunsets

The sunsets on the beach at La Pared are still impressive and are worth the trip alone. Convince yourself on our Instagram profile:


Finally back in the water. One can speak of real surfing euphoria here in Fuerteventura. Not only do you want to greet every other surfer with a hug - the sandbars in La Pared are also pretty straight. Ideal for the upcoming swells in spring and summer.