Find cheap flights to Fuerteventura

Before the holiday can start in the surf camp. If you need a flight to Fuerteventura. For most of us, the price is the most important criterion in flight search. In this blog post we have put together some tips for finding a cheap flight.

Every holiday starts with the planning of your home.
You're just back from your last vacation and you already see the big black mental hole in front of you? The best thing is to plan something that you can look forward to.
You have a lot of stress at work right now and feel like the last vacation was so long ago that it was still in the age of analogue photography? Dive into the vacation planning :)

Great holiday destinations with even better waves are many. Often, accommodations and surf lessons or complete packages called surf camps are not expensive. Honest offers in great places so there are many. So what's the problem? In most cases, the flight to the surf camp. In our case, a cheap flight to Fuerteventura or at least a cheap flight to one of the neighboring Canary Islands.

There are a lot of tips and tricks for the flight search. Many will know you, but maybe some of our experiences of the last years are helpful.

Tip # 1
Be flexible!
Do not commit yourself too much to single holidays. Plan a vacation period and then look for good flights in this time window.
Flights to Fuerteventura on a weekend are almost always more expensive than flights during the week.
In our Surfcamp there are no fixed arrival and departure days and no fixed minimum or maximum stay.
So it's no problem to arrive on a weekday and leave on another day of the week. Send us your desired dates and we will send you a suitable offer for the surfcamp.

Tip # 2
Avoid the school holidays!
... unless you have school age children. Flights that fall into school holidays in the state of the departure airport are sometimes twice or sometimes even three times as expensive as comparable flights outside the holiday season.
You only have time during the school holidays? If possible, look for a departure airport that is still within easy reach for you, but located in another state.

Tip No. 3
Search and book return flight separately!
Not infrequently, a particular flight is particularly cheap the other very cheap connection but is offered by another airline or to another airport. So always open two search windows!

Tip # 4
Look for flights to Lanzarote and Gran Canaria!
OK the first tips did not help. This really looks like a difficult case. If the flights to Fuerteventura are really outrageously expensive, then look for flights to Gran Canaria and / or Lanzarote. From both islands there are ferry and bus services to Morro Jable on Fuerteventura. The ferry from Gran Canaria arrives directly at our port!

Tip # 5
There is only one really good flight search engine!
There are many portals that are priced for cheap flights. There is an air search engine that is really clear and shows you the cheapest prices for the whole month. We hate to say it, but Google Flights is unbeatable here.

With these tips, you should come a little closer to your holiday.
See you soon, in the surf camp on Fuerteventura!