Fuerteventura is officially Corona free!

endless lonely beaches with perfect waves
High five from the surf instructor on the beach

There are no more active Corona cases in Fuerteventura. We are preparing for summer.

Hello surfers,

now it's official: Fuerteventura no longer has any active corona cases.
So far, there have been comparatively few cases in Fuerteventura in the course of the pandemic. There were a total of 45 confirmed corona cases, one of which had to be treated in the intensive care unit. The patient was discharged from the hospital last week as recovered.

As already written in the last articles, the easing in Spain takes place much more slowly than in some other European countries. Nevertheless, there should be a summer season with foreign tourists.

The summer season for foreign tourists to Fuerteventura starts in July

The Spanish authorities want to contain the pandemic as much as possible and, if possible, bring it to a standstill in order to be considered a particularly safe travel destination. Even if this seems contradictory in view of the high number of infected people in Madrid and Barcelona - the Corona Virus has spread to different extents in Spain.
Some small Canary Islands such as El Hierro or La Gomera have been completely corona free for several weeks now the pandemic is also coming to a halt on the larger islands such as Fuerteventura.

Some hygiene measures will remain to protect tourists and locals

Many of the restrictions that we still have to follow here in Fuerteventura will no longer exist in summer.

The mask requirement in shops and public transport will remain.
But nobody travels to Fuerteventura because of the closed rooms.

Fuerteventura is known for its endless, white sandy beaches!
Even in high season, these beaches have never been so crowded in recent years that distance rules should have been used. On the contrary, there are still miles of sections where you are completely alone on the beach.
Social distancing has never been a problem in Fuerteventura and the Robinson Crusoe feeling of freedom - swimming alone on a dream beach in turquoise blue water - is even being enhanced this year by the feeling of security.
Warmth and sunlight are the best disinfection :)


There are no more active corona infections in Fuerteventura! The island is preparing for international tourists who will be allowed to travel to the island again in July. Fuerteventura's deserted dream beaches have always been deserted and this year you can enjoy perfect waves, endless summers and warm blue water without any restrictions, just like always.
We look forward to seeing you!