Fuerteventura Surf Camps 2021

Our surf villa is open all year round

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Our surf courses take place all year round

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What's next in Fuerteventura in 2021? Will there be surf camps in 2021? If so, what requirements do you have to meet?

Hello surfer,
The year 2021 is now a month old and yet there are still no certainties about the further course of events. What was once "normal" has not been for so long that the norms for "normal" are slowly shifting to what has been called our "new normal" for almost a year now.

In the past, one had already booked one or the other trip for the young year in February and if not then at least an approximate plan of when and where which vacation should take place.

For the year 2021 there is of course light at the end of the tunnel. But as is usual with very long tunnels, it is currently difficult to estimate when exactly this tunnel end will be reached. In other words, when can you plan trips to a surf camp again?

We organize surf camps in Fuerteventura throughout 2021

After the hard lockdown in spring 2020 throughout Spain, we have been organizing surf camps and surf courses for learning to surf here on Fuerteventura since July 1, 2020.

During the travel warning in autumn 2020 we had guests and during the current travel warning we have guests in our accommodations and surf courses.
Of course, we adhere to the regulations on disinfection and safety clearances.
Masks are required in the car on the way to the surf course.
Otherwise we hardly had to change anything about the implementation of the course.
Since we are outdoors most of the time in sun and wind and never in closed rooms, sun and wind are the best natural disinfectants.
The comparatively low number of infections in the Canary Islands shows that it is still safer to be in the sun on the beach here than in overcrowded supermarkets and public transport in Central Europe.

Even if the number of new infections was higher after the Christmas holidays, the numbers are already falling again and I am optimistic that the number of new infections in the Canary Islands will again steadily fall below 50 per 100,000 inhabitants in February.

What trends are there for surf camps in Fuerteventura in 2021?

In times of the pandemic everything is different and behaviors believed to be normal are at best put to the test, if not partially rejected completely.
I am sure that by the end of this pandemic (which, by the way, I believe is not dated with a fixed date, but rather will be a steady slow process of relief) ... that at this end of the pandemic we will unite Areas will have changed our behavior.

We'll be celebrating and traveling again, for sure.
But people with masks on public transport will become an everyday picture in the future.
I also hope that traveling will become more sustainable and conscious. I think the trend away from large tourist accommodations is towards smaller, more individual accommodations. We have noticed this here since autumn that guests primarily book our surf villa. That's why we built another apartment on the property in spring.

During the winter we will build a second yoga platform. There are now four separate apartments, each of which has its own kitchen, bathroom and its own small terrace. In addition, there are other places of retreat (such as the two yoga platforms) on the property, but also space to spend time with the other residents, for example around the large pool :)


We will also be organizing surf camps in Fuerteventura in 2021. Of course, we adhere to the regulations on distance and hygiene, for example masking is required in our cars on the way to the beach. There is of course no mask requirement on the beach.
We believe that surfers will want more individual accommodation in the future and that's why we put a lot of time and work into our surf villa.