History of the OTRO MODO Surf Camp (Chapter 2)

It continues with our review of the history of the OTRO MODO surf camp. After Christof has surfed the first wave, he is back in Germany, but the surf fever has him packed and he considers how he quickly comes back to the sea.

Hello dear surfers and blog readers,

Let's continue with the story of the OTRO MODO surf camp, which we noticed in the last post, is also my own story.

Where were we? Right, no less than my first wave! It's crazy when you consider how a short moment can change a whole life.
I do not mean that negatively, quite the contrary.
I do not want to say that I felt that summer in France in 1999, which changed my life from then on, but purely emotionally it was a special moment, it was a special holiday - and back home I felt that my life of now would follow at a fixed goal:

I want to surf again as soon as possible.

From where do you get back to a sea with waves when you live in Berlin, just finished school and have no money? Only on vacation.
So I planned my next holidays all somehow spend by the sea. The interim I filled with surf newspapers and surf movies. I can well imagine that one or the other friend, was quite annoyed by my surfing fever, because I could quasi react only verbally, in which I spoke constantly of surfing.

Of course, the organization of the equipment is part of the holiday planning. In short, surfers need a surfboard. Do not think that as a later surf camp operator I had a concrete plan of what kind of surfboard I would need. There were two shops in Berlin where surfboards were sold. I suspect the local owners had only marginally more idea about surfing than I did at this time.

Well, with the striking sales argument: "If you're a fighter and have power, you buy a shortboard!" I bought a much too small board. But according to this template, you can not possibly buy another board if you want to go out of the store with your head held high.

That's how it was back then. You must not forget, there were only a few surf schools to learn surfing and the few that were there were prohibitively expensive for me. Flight and accommodation almost blew up my budget.

It took half a year until the next holiday, which this time in the spring should lead me to the endless beaches of France. It was a nice trip, but athletic I can not say that I left with a similar sense of achievement. From today's point of view, no wonder, I had tried a week with a shortboard white water waves ride ...

So it could not go on, I had to go to the sea and this time for longer ...