History of the OTRO MODO Surf Camp (Chapter 3)

The next chapter in the history of the OTRO MODO Surf Camp, which of course is Christof's story. Christof is now finally attacked by the surf virus and is looking for ways to get to the sea longer to finally learn to surf properly.

Hello dear surfers and blog readers,

I am pleased to let the images of the past pass me by. Let me briefly consider what I wrote last ...
Right: I faced the unsolvable task that inevitably arises for all domestic surfers, how do I get to the sea for a long time to finally learn to surf properly?

Of course, when others talk about taking time off to travel for a year, that sounds adventurous and courageous, but the crucial question is how does it work financially.
In my particular case then one would have to specify this question even more: "What should a 20-year-old who has just completed his civil service, take a break?" And above all, "What should be paid for this break?"

Of course the answer is simple, you have to try to work where there are waves. Most readers will now turn their eyes and say, well, there are countless surf camps in which one can work. Right, but that looked a bit different 20 years ago. We are talking about a time when the term surfcamp was not as common as it is today. At that time Surfcamp was more like a word rewrite and described banal camps on the French Atlantic coast where surf lessons were also offered. There were tent camps, but the surf lesson there was more like a niche animation and the location of the tent camp. Rather, it was a holiday camp for young people and young adults with a narrow holiday budget.

At the time, I had been working as a supervisor at a youth travel organizer on the Baltic Sea for two summers and thought: "I have to get this supervisor job somewhere on the Atlantic".
So I applied to all organizers with camps on the Atlantic and finally came on relatively short and unbureaucratic way in the Rainbow Tours Surf Camp on the French Atlantic coast in Molliets.
Anyone out here, that he knows the organizer Rainbow Tours, shows that he was definitely born in the 1980s at the latest and in his teen years was ever in Rimini, Lloret de Mar or similar places, haha.
The surf camp on the Atlantic was an almost insignificant outpost, which nobody took seriously in the former headquarters in Hamburg.

This "not to take oneself too seriously" also applied in a very sympathetic way to the responsible people on site, the employees and the guests.
I do not think I have so many anecdotes and fits of laughter as in the following 6 summers later.
In short, it was a great time that I'm still working on. But enough for today, next week ...

Your Christof