History of the OTRO MODO Surf Camp (Chapter 5)

Now it has been several months since I started to write down the story of the OTRO MODO Surf Camp, which is also my own story in many areas. Today we continue with chapter 5.

Where were we?
Exactly - in France!
Arrived at the campground in Molliets, after 36 hours of bus travel in a surf camp of Rainbow Tours, I met the man who certainly has shaped my life more than he and I knew at the time. I mean that in a positive sense.

Let's call him Rollo here. This is not his real name, but in times of never-forgetting internet, respect dictates that everyone should have the privacy they deserve.
So Rollo was when I first met in the late 30's, which felt like my parents' age, and that was a pre-retirement stage. Today, when I've already passed the 40, I often have to smile when I think about how this 20-year-old has painted this life span:
A life in order and reason. Work a lot, go to bed early, give advice to others (especially my own children) on how to shape your life ...
Sounds boring, right?
Yes, now that I'm 40, I know that I do not feel old in the least. Of course, I have become a little more reasonable, but rather as a consequence of the many irrationalities. Yes, I also give my children good advice, but always with a smile, because you feel caught yourself and much rather just want to do nonsense with them. I go to bed early, but only to go surfing the next day!
In short: somehow I feel younger and freer than at the beginning of 20, that's definitely a positive surprise that made my life.

Now back to Rollo. He must have felt the same way. When we got to know each other, he was at the age of these otherwise normal people. He did not behave sensibly, on the contrary, sometimes I felt like I was dealing with someone younger than me. Constantly humming the refrain of the last MTV hits to himself he ran in some adventurous patterned surfing clothes, which even then looked like he had brought them from a time travel in the 70s as a souvenir, over the campground.
Always a goal in mind what to do next in the ever-moving beehive of the surf camp. This goal could change several times in a minute, he kept moving, sometimes stopping to grab his head and humming and whistling in a completely new direction.
There was only one thing that immediately distracted him from everything: surf! In this distance, we have been with all differences in character, already a kind of soul mate and certainly remained until today.

As the most original person I have already described Rollo in the last article and promised anecdotes. There are and in the next article come a few. Promised :)

Bye for now...
Your Christof