Is SUP surfing sexy?

Yes, this question sounds a bit low-priced. No, it is not a standard format a cheap TV production. It is just a not quite serious question and an approach to a sport, which as such is not perceived long.

Among the surfing disciplines is the Stand Up Paddle Surfing or SUP for short, the youngest variety.
Actually, SUP is already much longer than many think. Hawaiian surf instructors took extra-longboards that they simply stopped to get a better view of their surf students from up there. The easiest way to move forward was to use a puncture paddle. Practical or?

Just practical!
We all know pictures of surfers hunting tubes on small boards.
The term sexy can also be replaced here with cool and / or exciting. I admit it, I would like to polarize in this post and this works best with terms that immediately trigger something for every reader.
So sexy - yes or no?
To place SUP here on a scale, one should perhaps approach the term "sexy" a bit.

What about the Sexapeal of Margaret Thatcher and Bob Ross, well, there are some, but still few want the two as the main actor in a love movie.

It's a lot like stand-up paddling, it's funny, it's fun, it's fun, but nobody wants to see long surf scenes where a stand up paddle surfer rides a wave - the paddle in hand looks like a bouquet of peonies in front of mother-in-law's apartment door ...

Stand Up Paddling has the aesthetics of ancient ferrymen. A part of my family comes from the "Spreewald", a rustic forest traversed by many small rivers, in which one moves in many places only with long flat barges by repulsive movements of a long staff forward. SUP has about the same elegance, except that on the board top no beer tent sets complete with booze-filled bast baskets.

That sounds pretty negative. I'm honest, with good waves I would not use SUP in life? Why the paddle, good turns you drive only with free hands. Why the whole volume (of the board), with such a "tanker" one never gets into the vertical part of the wave.

But yes, there are days when it is relaxing to explore adventurous new shorelines or domestic inland waters. It's a great workout and healthy and out in the fresh air.
Yes, I also regularly go up paddling and I like to do it!
What is sexy? Rimless eyewear or spotted cocktail flies certainly not, just as few VW Beetles and tours with moms old holland bike.
However, the former are very practical, the second often a sign of smart physics professors. And tours with cozy vintage cars and bicycles make you feel good.
Of course SUP is sexy!
It does not take itself so seriously, it is healthy and fun.