Land locked – what to do until the next surf camp

Summer is over. The autumn is here. Waves, sun, long beaches even longer nights you only know from your memories. What to do to make the time to the next surf camp bearable?

Land locked. Land locked means nothing more than being trapped on land. This is not just a geographic situation. Being trapped on land also means being away from the sea. Time and geographically separate from waves, beach and a relaxed lifestyle without hassle, duties, constraints.

Every surfer has been country locked before. Even famous pro surfers know this feeling. World-class surfers and happy-go-lucky Sebastian Zietz had to leave his native Hawaii as a teenager for a few years with his family. All the more it is a miracle and shows Sebastian's extraordinary talent that despite the missing years by the sea (his parents returned with him in his early teens back to Hawaii) on which surf level he participates today in international surfing competitions and there with the the best in the world.

But back to us normal mortal surfers. The holiday in the surf camp is over and for easy autumn and winter depression joins a full surf Turkey. Like addicts, we flooded our veins with surfing adrenaline while surfing in the summer, and at the end of the holiday, this condition not only felt very good, but even very familiar. As after a night of drinking, our head is now empty and heart heavy.

What to do? Looking forward to the next vacation in the surf camp?
Of course it is good to be happy about something. To book directly the next surf camp trip helps.
But what about the time until the next vacation? Hibernation? By working? Brainwashing?
Here are a few very rational tips on how to preserve some surf feeling to make the time until your next surfing vacation bearable:

1. Seek like-minded people!
There are surfers in every medium-sized city. Believe me all feel the same: Hopefully, the time will pass quickly before the next surf trip.
You can easily find these brothers and sisters in spirit. There are several Facebook groups in which one encounters other surfers - no matter if surf flea market, exchange or paddle groups. Many surfers meet at Surf Stammtisch. In addition, there are Surffilm evenings in cinemas.

2. Skateboarding or snowboarding
What do you think where these sports come from?
Of course - by surfers who wanted to preserve the feeling of surfing and wanted to transport it to another medium (road, snow). Granted, snowboarding is not something you can do every day after work. Longboards or surf skateboards are easy to buy on the internet or surf shops around the corner. Of course you rolled on the street but the feeling of gliding on a board again gives the battered surfing soul some rest and relaxation. In addition, the skateboard, surf skate and / or longboard ride can also improve the board feel for the next real wave ride.

3. Artificial waves
Yes, exactly - artificial waves. Thanks to the many other surfers who are constantly dreaming of the ocean but live away from it for at least a day's journey, there are now some artificial waves. Flowriders (for example in the Jochen Schweizer Welt in Munich, Wave Garden (in Wales England) or Wakesurf Boats (2 Wave near Berlin) are just a few examples: The number of artificial waves is growing and the concepts are getting better and better.

At last: head up! Life goes on. You are not alone. See you at the surf camp. Very soon. Promised.