Learn surfing over 50

Surfer over 50
Surfing over 50

Are you too young for surfing at over 50 years old for surfing? Of course not! Finally, there are also many sporty and fit windsurfers and skiers who are older than 50 years.

Hello surf seniors,
When I started surfing at the age of 20, I felt quite old. If you start this sport at the age of 20, of course you regret that you didn't start much earlier. Youthful high spirits and motivation generate the same thought in all young thoroughbred surfers who have a certain talent from their surroundings: "If I had only started surfing as a child, I might be a surfing professional today." I also have two or three Years had this thought occasionally. Until I saw really good surfers in Australia who weren't even teenagers for the first time.
That's when I realized that being talented for something and having real talent is a huge difference.

Surfing is fun for all ages

Now I am over 40. After 20 years of surfing, 17 of which I mostly lived by the sea, I know what I can do and above all what I cannot. I still have sporting goals but these are much more realistic.

I am still improving on surfing, but these improvements are only noticeable to me. They are a little additional motivation for me.

In general, I'm not surfing now to achieve goals that I set myself or that come from outside.
I surf because I enjoy it and surfing is a great sport where you train your whole body and your flexibility and coordination. I mainly surf because I am dependent on the feeling of merging with the sea, love the smell of water and the moment when you feel a wall of water next to you and the strength of the ocean.

You are never too old to learn to surf

If you are relatively sporty and are looking for a sport where you can feel at one with nature, you are never too old to surf.
After all, the time it takes me to be a 50-year-old surfer is also foreseeable and I fear that it will pass faster than I would like.

The sight of young at heart "old" women or men with surfboards is still relatively unfamiliar to us Europeans and especially Central Europeans. This is not because you are too old to surf at a certain age. Surfing has not been popular as a sport in our latitudes for so long. After all, you can also see over 50 year olds windsurfing or skiing.

During my time in Australia I often saw surfers whose age I estimated to be over 50, if not over 60. These senior surfers could surf very well.
Back then I always thought that when I was older I wanted to be a seasoned and relaxed surf senior.
Well, I'm working on it!


You are not too old to surf. In countries like Australia and the United States, it is perfectly normal for men and women to retire at the age of retirement, with the appropriate portion of elegance and serenity. In Europe we have to get used to the sight of surfers over 50, but that shouldn't be a problem. Let's be the first big generation of European surf retirees together!