Must you wear a mask in Fuerteventura?

the best place for "social distancing"? The endless beaches of Fuerteventura!
No mask is required in the alleys by the sea of Morro. In stores only.

Is there a general mask requirement in Fuerteventura as in Mallorca? Yes and no, there is a mask requirement in Fuerteventura, but this is not as strict as the mask requirement in Mallorca.

Tourism in Fuerteventura has just started. The first “brave” tourists have been back on the island for two weeks.
For a week now we have had guests in our surf courses and in our accommodations.

Many people are considering whether to go on vacation this year or not. Going on vacation in their own country was sold as an insider tip by many politicians. Unfortunately, these politicians never seem to have vacationed in Germany, otherwise they would know that the beaches of the Baltic Sea are as full as the beaches of Italy or the Costa Brava, even without the Corona Virus.

Traveling to a place like Fuerteventura, where the beaches are not overcrowded even in the high season, can almost be interpreted as a necessary decision of reason, because “social distancing” is not a problem here and sun and wind give the virus no chance.

Well, for us surfers these are all positive side effects we live on Fuerteventura because of the good waves all year round and the summer weather.

Mask requirement on the plane

Many holidaymakers are still scared of the obligation to wear a mask on the plane, because you have to wait 4 hours with a mask. But many guests here on site have already confirmed that this is not so bad and easy to endure.

In addition, there is the good ventilation situation in the aircraft. The air exchange is much better than with "normal" air conditioning systems and works in a similar way to operating rooms.
Even the most cautious virologists say that actually traveling by plane carries significantly less risk than traveling to the airport by train or bus.

In Fuerteventura, the mask requirement applies only in closed rooms

What scares many vacationers now is the fear of having to wear a mask during the entire vacation.
In the Balearic Islands there is a general obligation to wear a mask, except on the beach.

In Fuerteventura, the mask requirement applies to all closed rooms, for example shops. In theory, it also applies to all open spaces where it is not possible to maintain a distance of at least one and a half meters from each other. However, this is not a problem in Fuerteventura. Here life takes place on the beach and there is still enough space in the streets of Morro Jable to go for a walk without a mask.

All restaurants have large outdoor areas where the table spacing has been increased. There is also no mask requirement here.


The mask requirement here in Fuerteventura is hardly different than in other European countries! It applies in shops and of course it applies on the plane on arrival.
Life takes place in Fuerteventura outdoors and especially on the beach, no one needs to wear a mask here. No mask is necessary when strolling through the alleys of Morro Jable.